Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sarah Palin Blasts Hollywood Stars as 'Full of Hate' at Movie Premiere...

PELLA, Iowa -- Sarah Palin stared a bit uncomfortably at a movie screen Tuesday night watching a montage of Matt Damon, David Letterman, Madonna, Howard Stern, Bill Maher, Louis C.K. and other celebrities malign her, then asked The Hollywood Reporter: "What would make someone be so full of hate?"

Palin was in Pella, Iowa, at the premiere of a documentary about her called The Undefeated, which opens with several minutes of Hollywood entertainers using some of the most vulgar language imaginable to express their displeasure with the former vice presidential candidate. Some appear genuinely angry, and director Steve Bannon cuts to news footage twice in the film of Palin being hung in effigy READ MORE...

FLASHBACK VIDEO- The truth about Sarah Palin that most idiot celebrities didn't know, don't believe, or just don't care about....which might be the reason the Palin haters in Hollywood are so nasty, mean and stupid...


  1. All hail to Astroturf TeaBparty Queen (ATQ), Michele Bachmann. Isn’t she the one that who rails against the Federal Government while every year she benefits from Federal Medicaid Payments for her Clinic, Federal farm subsidies (talk about a Corporate Welfare Queen), and adopts kids to work them on same farm. Oh yeah she is also a self-proclaimed historian on the US Founding Fathers and US history. The sad truth she will lie to get her way, what honor is there in that? But if you manipulate our US history and double down when you are found out, well don’t go crying to Fake News when you lose. Kind of like the Former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (Most recent quitter of her Bus Tour to restore America). We remember what happen when after “W” manipulate Florida (w/ the help of brother Jebb) to win the presidency and his failure to win any of the two wars he started that devastated our treasury and ruined our economy for the next 50 years. If the GOP thinks that Michele Bachmann is the answer, good luck with that. After her “John Wayne” mishap and Tom Petty, calling her a thief, well you know, same old Bachmann, you have a winner GOP.

  2. Jeezzz, where do you start with this libtard? 1st, take your professors penis out of your ass. Or Chris Matthews, whichever one it is..

    For one, there's nothing wrong with her HUSBAND taking payments from medicaid. What the hell is he supposed to do, work for free? You liberals are freakin morons. How the hell is he supposed to get paid? But you probabaly hate rich people because youre an ignorant "dumbfuck"

    Her relatives take farm subsidies, SO WHAT. She didnt MAKE the law, or entitlement and SHE herself isn't taking them. Obama's AUNT is on welfare and an illegal alien, are you railing against Obama for that you retard?'re not And you're not railing against Obama's white trash, athiest, anti-American Marxist mother or the drunken piligimist father who ABANDONED the worst president in US History as a child. Do you realize how dumb you look now? And I'm NOT done yet idiot...

    Michele Bachman on history wasn't exactly wrong about the founders, you must have been indoctrinated to jump on her that bad for ONE mistake, but seem very fogiving to a President that knows your an uneducated naive jackass. He laughs at you because you probably voted for him, and he lied his ass of to you. Now he's a Clinton/Carter and Bush- the three last terrible presidents we've had. I see you don't have a problem with Obama's 188 documented lies on "Politifact" or his belief that America has 57 states, he's a product of Slma (wow, you people are stupid) and that we not only honor live soldiers who are dead (twice) need "breathalizers" in the ER for Asthma patients and have "internet'S" and Marine "CORPS" ARE YOU FUC*ING kidding me you loser??!?

    Fox crushes all networks, and while they dont go far enough right for me, it's the best we have-ratings will tell you that. Don't you feel dumb knowing you're 1/10th of the population left that actually believes MSNBC's closet crossdresser and woman hater Matthews and Philosophy degree progrssive manlooking lesbo rachel maddow and mental patient ed schultz? I sure would feel dumb believing them.

    Bush and his wars- yea, fu*k Bush, never liked him, he was a liberal, you should love him for that you moron.

    Sarah Palin, yea, she's sooooo dumb. So Goldman Sachs JON Corzine and Ivy Leaguer Duval Patrick, THE TWO MOST CORRUPT governors who BANKRUPTED Mass and NJ are so brilliant! Ummm, I will take Palin. You do know how dumb you look....right?

    Gore lost- deal loser. and thank God he did, because we now know he lied 40,000 times about global warming you jackass.

    Tom Petty sucks.

    John Waynes parents were from that area in Iowa. Not a huge mistake, doesn't make her dumb. You're just looking for a reason and you know why?

    BECAUSE YOU'RE A FU**ING IDIOT.. and I just proved it.