Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tracy Morgan's Anti-Gay Rant

Since when does disagreeing with an abnormal sex life make one a "homophobe?" These liberals are so in denial and delusional. Morgan has his opinion and many people agree with him. Liberals are always trying to force people to agree with things they don't agree with, which is one of the many reasons why liberals are idiots.

As for the comment on Sarah Palin, there's many people who agree with Morgan on that as well. But which comment was worse? The liberals wouldn't attack Morgan's comment on Palin because they're ignorant hypocrites and phonies...


  1. Eh... homophobia != abnormal sex life. Sexual orientation is not about the act of sex, it's about intimate compatibility. If this frightens you, you might be a homophobe.

  2. really? i didnt know that meeting a fag in a gay bar at 1am, taking him out to an alley 5 min later and sticking his boner into his cornhole, and starting to pump vicously, was 'intimate compatibility' wow, i should try that with my wife. or maybe better yet, i can try the 900 chat lines at 3am to meet some other man at a bath house at a park in san fran homo, and repeat the same behavior. oh, how intimate!

    youre an idiot. homosexual sex is abnormal. just because you have a birth defect doesnt mean you have to get mad at the rest of us. we dont hate you, just stay out of our schools with your indoctrination of your sick sex life and stop trying to change the definition of marriage. you people are always complaining and protesting, too stupid that you are making people who accept you, hate you.

    go get a fisting kit and take it to a bar with a rainbow flag hanging outside and indstruct them how to use it, not my straight kids you fag.