Thursday, June 9, 2011

A TRUE LIBERAL FEMINIST: Huma Abedin- Pregnant, Poor Taste in Men, Dumb, Naive and Weak...

It appears Abedin is not only pregnant, she's standing by her husband, following in the footsteps of her boss Hillary Clinton who stood by her man Bill Clinton through many affairs and even accusations of rape.

Wow those liberal women are so strong!

On Monday, Weiner insisted he and his wife had no plans to divorce, but that was before the women he communicated online with leaked even more embarrassing details about how far the New York Democrat went in his sexual activities online.

"We have no intention of splitting over this," Weiner said. "We have been through a lot together. We will weather this. I love her. And she loves me."

Hillary and Huma are perfect examples of phony feminists. Women so weak, they stay with their men even though they have been disrespected, cheated on (multiple times) and lied to constantly.

The slobbering left-wing media is already praising Huma as, "handling her husbands scandal with grace." The media also praised then first lady Hillary Clinton as, "a strong woman" for standing by her man Bill Clinton after he had sex with his fat intern Monica Lewinsky. Hillary is so strong, she has stood by her man though numerous affairs with Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Belinda Stronach, Gina Gershon, Jennifer Flowers and Susan McDougal to name a few.

Hillary and Huma are not strong, but they might BOTH want to go get an STD test...

These liberal women are not strong and they're not smart, they're extremely weak and really dumb. And have you SEEN Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton? Talk about U G L Y ...

ABEDIN & RODHAM- Keeping your maiden name, being pro-choice, voting democrat, having a career or resembling a boy, do NOT make one a feminist! (See Debbie-Wasserman-Schultz)

If these women were STRONG women, they would have left their man, not stood by their side like jackasses. It's bad enough that these women are already democrats, which is already a sign of major stupidity, but now they look like total idiots standing by their lying, cheating men.

Maybe these liberal women should study a real true feminist like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann. These women didn't ride their husbands coattails to a career, they actually earned it on their own. These are women with many children and ONE husband who have managed to become successful (non-corrupt) politicians and TRUE feminists.


  1. Hope The Congressman and his wife can work it out, for the sake of their new child. Who wouldn't hope for that?

    And since you mention Michele Bachmann, here little video to give you some idea about the other half of Minnesota's Power Couple, Marcus and Michele.

  2. Well it's about time someone had the balls to point this out! I have been saying this for a long time. Great post! So true.

  3. Nice attempt at a save liberal weirdo. Yea, "for the sake of the kid" lmao. So if he rapes another woman, smokes crack, buys hookers, then has a change of heart, just stay with him anyway right? For the sake of the kid. You liberals are so in denial, disturbed and pathetic. You all make me

    You can't have many normal friends.

    And thanks for wasting 4 min of my time listening to that video. Mr. Bachmann seems like a nice stand up guy. I would have him as my neighbor over a liberal slueth like yourself. That video didnt make a good point at all.

    There's a huge difference between having problems in your marriage and banging multiple women making a fool out of your wife. You can't love a woman and disrespect her like Bill and Weiner did. You're retarded.

    And I liked the part of the video where Bachmanns warning schools to stop teaching homsexuality. It's not "homophobic" to disagree with an abnormal lifestyle where one man puts his penis into where another man has a bowel movement. It's no wonder our kids our growing up stupid like're a product of that indoctrination. Grow up, get a life.

  4. "Mr. Bachmann seems like a nice stand up guy."

    Rumor has it he helpfully picks out Michele's clothes and has a great eye for home decor, not that there's anything wrong with that.

  5. "Grow up, get a life."

    Maybe instead of working, I can sit around in my underwear putting out a website devoted to some preoccupation of the President of the United States. The same thing happens in France with Sarkozy. Its been called "Sarkosis." I thought Bush Derangement Syndrome was disturbing. But Obama Derangement Syndrome came twice as hard, twice as fast. Like a tsunami.

  6. HOMOPHOBE!!!!

    Well, Obama derangement syndrome doesnt exist. He is a terrible person and president. Anyone who likes aborting millions of black babies to me is a sick man. I also believe that most Obama supporters have buyers remorse, hows that a syndrome? Liberals are dumb, and hated Bush for being liberal, not the true damage he really did (Borders, SCHIP etc..) which is mind boggling. Foreign aid, aids $ for Africans, liberating camel jockeys, expanding government, starting wars, spending with Pelosi like crazy, you would think that Bush would be a hero to liberals, right? You libs are so hypocritical, it's no wonder you have been disgnosed with a mental disorder. You might want to fix that shit. Seriously...

    Ron Paul 2012

  7. Oh, and don't foget fannie/freddie, the fed, and other failures liberals praise.