Thursday, July 7, 2011

DESPERATE LIAR: Bill Clinton Compares Proposed GOP Voting Laws to Racist Jim Crow Measures That His Party Supported. (Pay Attention Idiots)

Well we already know that Bill "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton is a compulsive liar, just like our current president is, but in this video, Bill is lying through his teeth! You would think that someone who didn't like the "race card" being played on him would practice it himself.

On Wednesday, President Bill Clinton spoke to young liberal activists at Campus Progress’ annual conference in Washington, D.C. During his address, the Democrat lashed out at Republicans over various proposals they are waging across the nation to address election policies. Most notably, the former president compared these efforts to Jim Crow laws, which were implemented between 1876 and 1965 to limit African American participation in elections. CNN has more: READ MORE...

WHITE LIBERAL RACISM: See Some Examples on Video. Where's the "White Republican Racism" on Video?

There is None. You won't find any...(No, "accusations" don't count)

The self-loathing and racist Janeane Garofalo, who has NEVER been to a Tea Party despite being invited to one, attacks tea partiers as "racists", and then attacks black republican Michael Steele. Garofalo must have been a black woman in her prior life, because she believes she speaks for all black people. According to this hideous, tattooed, white trash progressive, black folks are too stupid to think for themselves. She will do it for them and she will educate blacks on what they should believe in. ("Bitch please")

If you think Bachmann and Palin don't know their history, listen to this bimbo Debbie Wasserman Schultz, one of the BIGGEST liars and bullshi*ters in the democratic party (why she was recently promoted to head the DNC) Does she really know who Jim Crow is or what party supported Jim Crow laws? This is unbelievable!

"Chris Matthews, where are you this time you moron?"

Wasserman, amid criticism, admitted that “Jim Crow was the wrong analogy to use.“ PolitiFact found her statements to be ”false” when they were tested for accuracy and reliability, just like 90% of her statements, including her lying about black congressman Alan West last year.

This story was written by a liberal at the LA times - calling Obama

Liberals - including Joe Biden, ask if Obama is "BLACK ENOUGH"
The story was covered in Time Magazine.

And what about a "half-white" liberal: Barack Obama on white folks...


ATTENTION black democrats, "If you EVER find ONE video of a racist conservative, please send it to us. And stop drinking the race-laced kool-aid the white liberals are serving you.

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