Monday, July 18, 2011

IDIOTS: Obama Plans Pricey Birthday Bash on Default Day. Forgets His Own Birthday! (Can We See That Birth Certificate Again Please?)

CHARMING CLOWN: Obama's Senior Moment: 'I'll be turning 50 in a week.'

Actually…he’ll be turning 50 in three weeks. His birthday is August 4, two days after the debt ceiling deadline. Senior moment?

SLOBBERING DISHONEST MEDIA: (Bachmann-Palin get it wrong, they're "idiots." Obama gets it wrong, it's a "senior moment")

First Obama can't remember his own daughters birthday, now he can't seem to remember his? Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann can remember their birthdays and their kids birthdays, and they don't even have a Haaarvaad degree! But then again, their social security numbers aren't from Connecticut and their birth certificates are real...

Obama Plans Pricey Birthday Bash on Default Day

By Martin Gould and Abigail Walls

As America’s poorest wait for Social Security checks that may never come on Aug. 3, President Barack Obama will be out celebrating a milestone birthday at a party where tickets cost up to $35,800 each.

Obama has chosen the first day of the potential default to throw his 50th birthday bash, combining it with raising money for next year’s Barack Obama, Birthday, Debt Ceilingelection. His actual birthday is Aug. 4.

Republicans are slamming the decision to have the party as “insensitive.”

“This really shows how unserious he is,” Republican Rep. Joe Walsh, a fellow Chicagoan, tells Newsmax exclusively. “I realize it’s his birthday, but he is a president who has said he doesn’t know if social security checks will go out that day READ MORE...

Obama's Senior Moment: 'I'll be turning 50 in a week.'

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