Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sarah Palin is a genius compared to Barack Hussein Obama. And just imagine if Sarah Palin, who was running for Vice President, not President as liberals like to keep suggesting, was the President of the United States of America, we wouldn't have radical activist judges Elena Kagen and Sonia Sotomayor on the Supreme Court for life. We wouldn't have 15 trillion in debt and double digit unemployment numbers. We would have lower gas prices and more domestic energy production. We wouldn't be funding worldwide abortions and letting HIV positive travelers into America. We wouldn't of bailed out auto companies, unions and banks. We would have border enforcement and we wouldn't have the horrible 'Obamacare' bill. DADT would still be in place and the defense of marriage act would be defended. The list goes on, but that alone is enough for most Americans to wish that Sarah Palin was the President over Barack Obama, a man who given $100 and a thousands lemons would bankrupt a lemonade stand by the end of the day. Obama is an 'economic retard' and a con artist who has lied so many times, we lost count.

Now, do we really have to compare Sarah Palin to that idiot Joe Biden?


  1. You make a very good point. I guess she isn't that stupid compared to Obama. I can't believe this guys stupidity. Affirmative action at Harvard? Was Trump right? How did he get into these schools? Must of had bad grades. Why did he go from Occidental, to Univ.of Chicago-Columbia-Harvard....did he keep getting bad grades? Palin would of done a better job, and you just proved that. Thanks. Great video btw.

  2. THANK YOU for featuring my video! It's an HONOR!

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