Tuesday, July 12, 2011

YOU'RE TOO STUPID, MAKE TOO MUCH $$, EAT YOUR PEAS: Arrogant Obama: ‘Professional Politicians’ Understand Debt Crisis Better Than General ‘Public’

At the 22:00 mark, listen to the "true" Marxist Barack Obama talk about spreading wealth and using class warfare to do it.

Obama’s Excess Income
What the president can do with all that spare change.

If Obama had a lie meter next to him, it would have exploded in this speech. These so-called journalists are really sad and pathetic....

Listen to the con artist Barack Obama at 11:50 mark when asked a question by Chip Reed.

This coming from a guy who has never run a business, managed a payroll, created a job and a man who obviously knows nothing about economics. Obama's arrogance and lies are insulting to the American people.

Now you know why we call them "idiots."


  1. The evil in man is the perversion of his incredible capacities. Evil can only touch those who are open to it. This Human Failure Marxist Perversion of a president causes discomfort and repulsion by his imputed bad character. Evil clings to him like glue adheres tenaciously to anything that it attaches to, or the odor that clings to a room after Barney Frank disabuses his reproductive organ.

  2. The Marxist Perversion likes to create a state of widespread alarm and panic by his constant untrue statements with the intent to deceive----

    For about two and a half years his misleading impressions lied his way out of potential trouble. The majority of the American public are finally on to this Marxist Perversion. The Republican Rino's have to remain firm, the public has their back----Obama's dwindling backers are down to the parasites/drones, the truely ignorant and a shrinking lot who vote for anybody who has a D before their name--

  3. Eat your peas-----if the Marxist Perversion was reelected, their would be more tax eaters then tax payers----

  4. TAKE IT TO THIS MARXIST PERVERSION----his almost whole economic team has deserted this leper in a cashmere suit----all he is is bluff that needs more and more Republicans with a backbone to stand up and expose this image-made fraud for the zephyr he is----

  5. Eric Cantor***********Bravo----

    "Don't call my bluff" the Marxist Perversion said. "I am not afraid to veto and I will take it to the American people"-----thats like a dieter who has a slice of cake in each hand claimimg Im eating a balanced diet.

    Keep taking it to the Marxist Perversion--

  6. The Marxist Perversion bellowed out "Dont call my bluff"
    hahahahahahahahahahahahah----the mythical being of progressive folklore with his fairyland enchantment is having his diminutive human form and magic powers coming to an end---how does a lifetime fraud call one's own bluff----a cheater is always doomed to fail and disappoint, what a loser-----

  7. Take it to the Marxist Perversion again and again and again----wage an all out street war opposing America's number one enemy---we the people stand apart from this Marxists fierce ambition and manic idealism. Turn it into a powerful collision between true crime and our cultures survivial---

    The Marxist President has bestowed upon himself the branding of one of the most vibrant antiheroes in American history.