Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ONE FRENCH FRY SHORT OF A HAPPY MEAL: FOX News Confronts 'Dirtbag' Democrat Alan Grayson: Who Does This Guy Think He Is?

Alan Grayson is a pompous jackass. Doesn't he work for us, the people? We need an appointment to ask him a simple question? We will never understand why people continue to vote democrat...

Click here to see clips of Alan Grayson's nasty, vulgar, insane and stupid comments and the REAL reason he hates FOX news.


  1. Looks like that fat commie mother effer has found plenty of fries over the years. I hope his clogged black heart explodes, taking out all of the worthless house democraps.

  2. Strange they you won't spell out a curse word, but have no problem hoping someone dies of a heart attack because you don't agree with them politically. I think that is misplaced priorities.

  3. I'm a real conservative, not a vacuos GOP cheerleader like the people who run this site. If you had been following what is going on with the Federal Reserve and the transfer of trillions of dollars from YOU, blue-collar to middle class fodder, to US, the Wall Street crowd, and what Greyson has been doing with Ron Paul to end that open theft, you would not be so quick to dismiss him. But since you bought into the stupid partisanship long ago, you think a man's worth is determined by whether there's an R or a D after his name. Sad member of the masses: you will get the government you deserve, and your taxes will continue to be used to prop up failed banks like my place of employment. You can't even see what's in fornt of you because of your naive partisanship. Obama is a monster, obvioulsy, but to believe he is different from Bush is just plain embarassing.

  4. Hey moron, usually we don't waste our time with idiots like you who read one post on this site and make a judgement about us but we will make an exception for you since you 'claim' you're a conservative. We are NOT 'GOP' and Grayson is a jackass, a moron and a loser who has mental problems, we don't care if he signed on to investigate the fed. Dennis Kucenich did, are we supposed to agree with that socialist moron too?

    I highly doubt you're a conservative. Who said we support Bush? We despise Bush you idiot. We are true believers in people like Michael Savage, Glenn Beck and Ron Paul. We are against progressive-liberals and radicals. We support some republicans who expose radical liberal democrats and RINO's. Obama is far worse than Bush, so we would agree with 80% of what you wrote. You can apologize after you read our 'About Us' page dingbat. BTW, we support Jim Demint for 2012. He's a republican as is Ron Paul.

  5. As lame as the Democratic Party is, the Republicans/Conservatives are much more pathetic. They know nothing of loyalty, they don't see the long view and they're crippling in their intolerance. They dump their most talented people overboard, and hang on to the Palins, the Demints and that Tacredos.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Conservatives.

  6. Anonymous, you are nuts. It's obvious you are brainwashed with idiocy if you even think conservatives and even Repubicans are in the same class of corruption and theft as the democrats. You're high!

    As much as I despise Republicans, even the RINO scum like Lindsey Graham, Collins and Snowe are far better than your Franks, Kennedys, Dodds, Rangels, Obama's, Biden's and Waters and Pelosi's and Reids (I know you will be silent on that one idiot) So what were you saying?

    Did you mention 'Demint' without using the word 'great candidate for 2012 and what this country needs' next to it? Michelle Bachman, Mike Pence, Peter King, Ron Paul (who you democrats admire but fear because he's on to you toilet bugs) there are some GREAT Republicans and libertarians out there. Name ONE good democrat? I tried, I really did. Your so-called blue dawgs and now 'lap dawgs' and fear retribution by your 'same old' politics as usual and the Chicago machine, which is the 'hope and change' your dumb asses keep defending.

    I like when it's 50% republican and 95% democrat that's ruining this country, the opposition likes to say 'both' instead of 'mostly all.' At least give SOME republicans, the true conservatives credit for trying to bring the party back to life. The media is always talking about the Rep. party trying to rebuild, yet they never mention the socialist party (democrat party) and how it's been hijacked and desroyed by progressive liberal scumbags. ALL OF THEM are disgusting AND anti-American. Get a life...