Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OBAMA CALLS ALAN GRAYSON 'OUTSTANDING' Grayson Calls Woman 'K-St-Whore.' The REAL Reason 'Dirtbag' Alan Grayson Hates FOX News: Cavuto Schooled Him..

FLASHBACK! This debate several months ago is the real reason Grayson hates FOX news. Congressman Alan Grayson discusses legislation the Democrats are moving which is yet another cover vote for Democrats who worked to ensure the AIG bonuses would be paid. Alan Grayson is a total scumbag. Even some democrats despise him.

See video below to see what a nutcase Alan Grayson is. This is what represents the democratic party...Great debate on O'Reilly with DEMOCRATS Sestak and SOCIALIST MORON Anthony Weiner.

Well, it looks like O'Reilly wins this debate easily. Do you see the mindset of these democrats? They're so far out of touch with real Americans, common sense and are a perfect example of why Washington is so broken. Weiner must play 'field hockey.'


  1. How appropriate that Congressman Grayson is wearing a red shirt in the clip with Cavuto, what a Communist! This guy is a total buffoon!

  2. I cringe at the stupidity of this man. He tries to dodge every comment neil makes with ambiguous charges of absurdity and ridiculousness. What a F**king idiot.

  3. i,ll sleep with him !