Saturday, October 31, 2009

Obama Makes Bush His Blame Czar..It's Now Obama's War, His Jobless Rate, His Debt, etc.

Valerie Jarrett announced the other day that "we're going to speak truth to power."

Who's Valerie Jarrett? She's "Senior Adviser" to the president of the United States – i.e., the leader of the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth. You would think the most powerful man in the most powerful nation would find a hard job finding anyone on the planet to "speak truth to power" to. But I suppose if you're as eager to do so as his Senior Adviser, there's always somebody out there: The Supreme Leader of Iran. The Prime Minister of Belgium. The Deputy Tourism Minister of the Solomon Islands. But no. The Senior Adviser has selected targets closer to home: "I think that what the administration has said very clearly is that we're going to speak truth to power. When we saw all of the distortions in the course of the summer, when people were coming down to town hall meetings and putting up signs that were scaring seniors to death."

Ah, right. People "putting up signs." Can't have that, can we? The most powerful woman in the inner circle of the most powerful man on Earth has decided to speak truth to powerful people standing in the street with handwritten placards saying "THIS GRAN'MA ISN'T SHOVEL READY." Was it only a week ago that I wrote about this administration's peculiar need for domestic enemies?

The Senior Adviser seems to have forgotten that sheis the power. Admittedly, this is a recurring lapse on the part of the administration. There was Barack Obama only the other day, blaming everything on the president – no, no, silly, not him, the other fellow, the Designated Fall Guy who stepped down as head of state in January to accept the new constitutional position of Blame Czar. Musing on problems in Afghanistan, Obama blamed the "long years of drift" under his predecessor. The new president – OK, newish president – has been Drifter-in-Chief for almost a year but he's too busy speaking truth to the former power to get on top of the situation. It could be a while yet. In his more self-regarding moments, such as his speech to the United Nations, he gives the strong impression that the "long years of drift" began in 1776 READ MORE...


  1. The little Evita Peron wannabe said (we're going to speak truth to power).
    Lets do just that.

    The Obama manifesto---1-bigger government
    2-socialized medicine
    3-higher taxes
    4-open borders
    Welcome to your change.

    The conservative manifesto
    1-smaller government
    2-lower taxes
    3-strong national defense
    4- a sealed border
    5-a commitment to individual liberties
    6-help for the helpless, not the clueless

    The power is in the truth---and it's not in the White House, that has become morally debased under our present leader.

  2. "Obama Makes Bush His Blame Czar..It's Now Obama's War, His Jobless Rate, His Debt, etc."

    Ok well if you wanna go that route it's also ENTIRELY Obama's victory in Iraq... AND... starting January 20, 2009 he's been the sole reason we haven't been attacked which currently is a difference of 1 month and 20 days between Bush's record of September 11, 2001.

  3. Why are liberals retarded? Here's why...

    Bush never blamed Obama....he couldn't ..

    Victory in Iraq was already celebrated last year you moron. I know, I served in Iraq, you didn't.

    Why do liberals justify their pathetic Presidents poor leadership and job performance, with ridiculous hypotheticals all the time? (because they're retarded)

    As for getting attacked, are you counting the foiled ones, or the actual ones....on US soil or abroad?

    Also, be patient about the next attack. IF we are attacked, It will happen under Obama. You are misinformed as most liberals are and his policies are making it very easy to plan and carry out an attack as Obama is a suckass and a naive moron.

    You lost again kid..

  4. Anonymous are you a comedian? In either event that is one weak joke, implying that our country is safer under Obama---Obama is a non-decision decision maker, with his cosmetic vacillating, so as to appeas his base, while American soldiers are losing their lives.

    Obama could care less about winning the war in Afganistan---then he is in avoiding any blame.

    Obama's global thinking is emboldening our enemies. As more countries go atomic nucleus under Obama's watch---Obama's main concern is to proclaim himself "PRESENT" in front of his teleprompter.

    Anonymous this is no joke---on the world stage of terrorists, Obama does not inspire fear---revolutionary terror and the incitement of destructive acts are more likely to be unleashed, when our antagonists sense a weak adversary.