Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gay Marriage REJECTED in Maine. 'Ssseriousssly? No Way, Ssstop!'

In a mild surprise, a measure that would have legalized gay marriage in Maine has lost by about five and a half points. The measure had the backing of most of Maine’s political class, a clear fundraising lead, and a network of national activists hoping to provide a counterpoint to California’s Proposition 8 defeat. Instead, voters in Maine essentially ratified California’s result: READ MORE...

Haaaa!!!!!!! Haaaa!!!!!! Haaaa!!!!!! Haaaa!!!!!!


  1. Last night the political landscape started changing as explosive shells hit not at the fortification of Fort Sumter at the entrance of the harbor in South Carolina, but instead right in the heart of Washington DC. Now that the first shots were fired in the war of opposing ideologies, it is of paramount importance to defeat the hostil forces in this country, that are intent on destroying our constitution and our free market system.

    They must be eradicated at the root, not with bullets but at the ballot boxes beginning in 2010.

    The choice is simple---do the American people want independent freedoms or state controlled government.

  2. I didn't realize the Mainers were so sensible. All decent Americans thank you!!