Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tri-Lamb Douchebag Robert Gibbs: 'Anger Can Get You 45% of the Vote'

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs today said that Republican gubernatorial victories in Virginia and New Jersey do not portend anything for President Obama, but the dynamics and the Democratic candidate's success in the special election in Upstate New York has ramifications for the GOP.

"I think the data from the gubernatorial races demonstrates that voters went to the polls in those two contests to talk about and work though very local issues that didn't involve the president," Gibbs said, invoking exit polls indicating that most voters in those two states said that President Obama was not a factor in their votes.

In the New York race, Gibbs said, "we watched a party pick a candidate and then purge that candidate. And I think the result was an election (in which) that district sent its first non-Republican to Congress since before the Civil War."

Referring to tea party activists and other conservatives supporting Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, Gibbs said the result of the race "proves that anger can get you 45% of the vote." READ MORE...

*NOTE- The only 'anger' shown in this race was by that cow Dede Scozzafava, the fake-ass republican-liberal, who quit when she was down in the polls to a conservative. In ANGER, she endorsed a dumbacrat over the conservative.

SCUZZ BUCKET- Scozzafava's Revenge

As temperatures turned brisk this morning in NY 23, Republican turncoat Dede Scozzafava took comfort in the knowledge that revenge is a dish best served cold. Analysis of last night's election results in which Democrat Bill Owens scored a surprising 50% to 45% victory over the Conservative candidate, Doug Hoffman, whose success forced her to withdraw on Saturday, showed that her Sunday endorsement of Owens was the decisive factor in his victory.

Owens carried the three counties Scozzafava represents in the New York State Assembly (Jefferson, St. Lawrence, and Lewis) by a decisive 53% to 42% margin. This was an 11% margin increase from the 36% to 36% tie the Siena Poll released on Monday revealed. Scozzafava's vote dropped from 9% in the Monday poll to 6% in the actual results. Meanwhile, the 19% undecided in the three county region broke hard for Owens. 13% of the undecided went to Owens during a 48 period, while only 6% went to Hoffman. READ MORE...

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