Monday, November 16, 2009

Beck Exposes The SEIU Union-Obama Corruption Connection You Need To Know About. UPDATE; ATR, AWF Demand Probe Of SEIU’s Stern For Illegal Lobbying...

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Glenn Beck might be chubby, strange, goofy, wears sneakers and eats M and M's. SO WHAT! The man exposes what NO ONE else is exposing. Why do some people believe the sissy liberals that personally attack him over the FACTS he provides on his show? What a bunch of IDIOTS.

Glenn Beck will go down as a HERO in a few years when people look back and say, 'why did we ignore this guy?'

We research and fact check EVERYTHING Glenn Beck reports and it's all true.

To sit there and watch people like John Stewart make fun of Glenn Beck on his show is disgraceful. We used to respect John Stewart, went to High School with John Stewart, but now he has fell into the delusional left-wing of show business.

Glenn Beck is trying to wake you up because you're sleeping. Give him some props please.

UPDATE- HA exclusive: ATR, AWF demand probe of SEIU’s Stern for illegal lobbying

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  1. Right on observation about Beck. He deserves major kudos.