Monday, November 16, 2009

WHITE LIBERAL SCUM: Self-Loathing White Liberals In The Media Attack Palin, Bachman And Prejean, But Defend Fort Hood Murderer Nidal Hasan! WTF?!?

Conservatives of ALL races need to come together and eliminate the biggest form of scum (next to the radical professors) who are brainwashing Americans with lies and indoctrination through the media, movies and television. The 'white liberal media' and the Hollywood elites. Listen to this dope Bob Schieffer, in the video below, on the Fort Hood massacre; 'We have Christian nuts too.' WTF?!?

What an idiot. Even the RINO 'Gomer' Graham figured it out..

The wimps we are about to show you are the most spineless, self-loathing, sissy white folks in America. These cowards are elitist liberals who think it's cool to attack straight, white, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-God conservatives, but wouldn't dare attack Muslim terrorist's like Col. Nidal Hasan (because they're too busy defending his actions) or black, latino and gay politicians and organizations involved with corruption or criminal activity. The liberal media has been making excuses for Nidal Hasan, blaming stress, war, and being picked on. Some have even blamed our gun laws! That would be Chuck Schumer, the dirtbag NY Senator. (Video Below)

NRA President Wayne LaPierre makes perfect sense. Schumer makes NO sense and is so far out of touch with reality. Adain, why do people vote democrat? Why?!?

While discussing the Ft. Hood terrorist attack on 'Hardball with Chrissy Matthews,' Matthews had the nerve to say, 'Its not a crime to call Al-Qaida.' Are you kidding? (See Video Below) It is a military crime for a Major in the U.S Army to contact a terrorist organization. It's mind boggling that Chris Matthews doesn't see a problem with that. He sure gets a 'thrill' up his leg when he's bashing Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Carrie Prejean, three very nice, polite, attractive conservative women who Matthews just happens to 'disagree' with.

Can you believe this? Does anyone with a functioning brain agree with Matthews on this? 'Hey Chris, how about focusing on his beliefs and why he shot over 30 soldiers you moron.' This is just unbelievable!

White liberals in the media often avoid 'attacking' corrupt politicians like William 'Dollar Bill' Jefferson, Maxine Waters, Roland Burris, Barack Obama, Barbara Lee, Kwame Kilpatrick, Sharpe James, Marion Barry, Ray Nagin, Bill Richardson and 'queer-upt' politicians like Barney Frank, while attacking conservative radio and TV host's like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and hammering attractive Republican politicians like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Hmmm, why is that? It's because they're black, hispanic and gay democrats, that's why. Political correctness? White liberals are so scared of 'that group,' they won't criticize any of them to prove that they're somehow not a racist or homophobe, when in fact they are racist's. It's called 'intellectual racism.' Before democrats go putting blacks, latinos and gays in the same category (for voting block and 'victimhood' reasons) we would suggest they check with black and latino men before they go that route.

We also notice that some white sissy liberals like Brian Williams, Katie Couric, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachael Maddow, Contessa Brewer, Andrea Mitchell, Diane Sawyer, Charles Gibson, Matt Lauer, Alan Colmes, Ed Schultz, Mike Malloy, Bill Maher, David Letterman and other self-loathing sheep, don't have the guts to talk about REAL corrupt organizations like ACORN, La Raza, NAACP, SEIU, The Apollo Alliance or any of Obama's appointed anti-American czar leaders.

'They might beat us up.' (Pu**ies)

It's easier to just attack one of their own kind and justify it because they disagree with them politically or because they see them as a threat, not even realizing that most Americans agree with the Palins, Bachmanns and Prejeans. Most Americans consider themselves conservative and do NOT favor gay marriage, high taxes, wealth redistribution, abortion, poor schools, elimination of the words 'God' and 'Christmas' from our schools and municipal buildings along with most of the liberal agenda. The sinking ratings of CNN and MSNBC and the rise of FOX news ratings should tell them that!

There are a few racist liberals who viciously went after some black and latino conservatives like Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas and Alberto Gonzales, but you didn't see the NAACP or the 'congressional black caucus of dummies' defend them. You didn't see these liberal sissies attack Sonia Sotomayor who was caught on tape saying things that should of instantly eliminated her as a candidate. She was approved and is currently the worst nominee EVER appointed the Supreme Court.

Let's face it people, white people in the mainstream media are BIG pus**es.

You don't see blacks in the media attacking Palin, Bachmann or Prejean. Maybe a few of the radical 'white-acting' or gay liberal types. Most blacks AGREE more with Palin than they do with Obama if you really think about it.

White liberals VICIOUSLY ATTACKING A GOVERNOR AND MOTHER OF FIVE, one with down syndrome, who has ZERO corruption in her background, who ran her city as a mayor and her state as a governor better than 90% of the mayors and governors in the country, someone who started her political career WITHOUT riding the coatails of her elitist millionaire husband, someone who is pro-God, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-domestic energy who has common sense solutions and recognizes the failure of big government IS WHAT WHITE LIBERALS IN THE MEDIA DO. 'What a TERRIBLE person Palin is! She's worse than that poor confused Muslim Army guy who killed his fellow soldiers because they picked on him and he had post traumatic stress disorder for the combat he NEVER saw.' Give us a break!

Listen to this tool Bill Maher, who constantly hammers Palin on his show 'Real Time With Bill Maher And George Bush, Because Without Him, I Wouldn't Have A Show.' (Video Below)

Notice Bill Maher doesn't talk about the 'unknown, un-heard of' Barack Obama when he announced he was running for President. He didn't inform his mentally disturbed audience that Obama's only job before becoming a junior Senator, was working for ACORN, and we know what that organization is all about. Bill Maher is another 'white liberal pu**ie.' To understand Maher's credibility, you just have to see the guests on his show; Radical Professor Cornel West, Professor Michael Dyson and corrupt 'admitted' socialist politicians like Bernie Sanders, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and get this, Keith Olbermann, the KING of white pu**ies! Case closed...

Poor Carrie Prejean. She would have won Miss USA if it had not been for the flaming moron Perez Hilton. Can you believe this ass-clown has a say in who wins the Miss USA pageant?!? What the heck was Donald Trump thinking putting this nut on the panel? (See Video Below)

Carrie Prejean is very young and in front of millions of people she was a little nervous at 21 years old, but she DID answer honestly. MOST AMERICANS AGREE; Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are against gay marriage. Why did they attack this poor young girl and her family for this, but give Obama and Hillary a pass? A gay or liberal would respond by saying, 'Well, Obama and Hillary lied, they're really for it, but for voting reasons had to go against it.' So it's ok to lie?!? How dumb is that? The mind of a liberal..Lauer doesn't do a bad job in THIS report, but Hilton didn't even deserve a response. He's an idiot.

Prop 8 was passed because of the black community, which largely disagrees with gay marriage, yet WHITE liberals and gays were too pu**y to go to the black churches and protest for fear of getting their asses kicked (and they would have) so instead, they go to white Christian churches and protest and push old ladies around who have signs opposing gay marriage. Imagine shoving and pushing an old women because she disagrees with gay marriage?!? As if we ALL have to agree with that lifestyle period. Americans do NOT have to agree with a man shoving his manhood where another man has a bowel movement. It's gross to some people, yet many people seem to 'tolerate' it.

We say, 'Keep it in the bedroom and out of the schools dudettes.' Stop parading down main street on your floats with your leather chaps, wigs, combat boots, booty shorts with the sock stuffed inside your package area and waving offensive signs while giving french ticklers to your 'partner' and whining about the word 'marriage.' You're just making more enemies and making other gays look bad...

(It's a girl with Keith in the picture above. We're not kidding, it's 'Boy' Maddow.)

Let's get to the KING of all white cowards, Keith Olbermann, who in the video below is teaming up with boyfriend Mike 'Back Door' Musto to spend several minutes on 'Countdown to no ratings,' to SLAM Carrie Prejean for several minutes, while ignoring all of the real news and the culture of corruption going on in the democratic party. Can you believe Keith Olbermann said, "Perez Hilton looks like an 'intellectual titan' and some sort of civil rights leader." We're NOT kidding.. watch the video. Can you believe this is a news netowrk?

This is news? Some 'fag' (Hows it feel?) slamming a Miss USA contestent because he didn't like her answer about gay marriage? This hypocrite voted for Obama, who is also against gay marriage. Liberalism is a true mental disorder...and marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN. Get over it...

NBC is owned by GE, and run by Americas worst CEO and Obama economic advisor Jeffrey Immelt, who is going to get the contracts for electronic medical records through 'healthymaginations' if the health care bill passes, and the power grid contracts if 'cap and trade,' is passed. In return, NBC just promotes the shit out of Obama, health care and cap and trade on their networks. Cap and 'con' is the biggest extortion of taxpayers dollars in U.S history, and if health care and or 'cap and trade' passes, we are ALL doomed. America as we know it is finished. (See video below)

General Electric with Jeffrey Immelt as CEO and owner of NBC networks uses it as propaganda for the Obama Administration for increased corporate profits. This white liberal scumbag Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric is confronted on why he is doing business with Iran and selling parts that help make roadside bombs that kill and cripple American soldiers in Iraq. (Video Below) Yes, it's true..

Amazing that a home-grown American company like GE would even consider doing business with terrorists or state sponsors of terrorism -- much less be permitted to do so – but it’s apparently true. The relationship between GE and the Iranian mullahs has existed for years. GE agreed to pull out of Iran in early 2005. It is now 2008, and GE is still there. READ MORE- 'Doing Business With The Devil.'

Okay, back to the scum..Speaking of scum, here's David Letterman, one of the most hideous, fugly men on television, cracking on Sarah Palin. (Video Below)

He does the Palin bashing just about every other night. As his talent fades, he can't seem to come up with anything new. It's women like Palin that shot him down his entire life. The only way people like Letterman, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann and David Schuster get any ass is to buy it with their celebrity status. All they wind up getting, are 'used up' attention whores (groupies) who are no different from street prostitutes. Wait, there is one difference, street prostitutes don't WANT to do it, they HAVE to 'do it' to support a habit or pay the bills.

Bill Maher needs his T.V show and the Playboy mansion to get laid. Conservative women have way too much pride and good taste to go bang some Bill Maher type. He is an ugly little dweeb...Maybe that's why he hates conservative hotties so much?

It must kill these liberal wimps to see attractive, intelligent, successful, conservative women like Palin and Bachmann happily married to the same man for many years who have children all from the same babys daddy. Palin and Bachmann are hated by angry liberal cows like Joy Baher and bar flies like Arianna Huffington because they're still happily married. What happens when the hubby leaves his wife for another woman (Baher) or she finds out that after many years of marriage, her millionaire husband is taking it in the pooper by another dude (Huffington), is that they seem to turn into angry, vicious, miserable liberals. It's an interesting are some angry jealous republican women (and men) as well. (Video Below)

Matthews finds people that agree with him and invite them on to his panel. How dumb do these morons feel now?!? How DUMB does Chris Buckley feel 'sensing' Obama having a '1st class mind who might just do very smart things.' LOL.. Maybe he should start watching Glenn Beck and get the bad news...and how about that airhead Kathleen Parker calling Palin 'out of her league?' Obama isn't?!? He's a junior Senator community organizer who thinks we have 57 states, who worked for ACORN, and voted 'present' in the Senate while racking up more earmark money than all other Senators! He isn't out of his league? What an DITZ this women is...we WISH we had someone like Palin in office right now.

According to these LOSERS on the panel, John Corzine, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Patterson and Deval Patrick are far better governors than Palin was right? NJ, MA, CA, NY = Broke as shit. Alaska- Just fine..
Case closed...

We will continue adding to this post from time to time....stay tuned..

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    Didn't know Olbermann had a boyfriend....but should have guessed. These liberal "pillow biters" are so angry at everything that they couldn't see the truth if it bit them in the "pillow."

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