Sunday, November 22, 2009

DEMOCRATS: It's Not Ok To Make The Mastermind Of 9-11 Think He's Drowning, But Stickin A Spike Into An 8 Mos Old Fetus's Skull & Sucking Brains Out Is

Best selling author Vince Flynn on the 50 Senators who were anti-torture, anti- enhanced measures who all voted to fund late term abortions. This was a great interview. To see the entire episode, click here or visit

Go To 6:20 of this video to hear Mike Flynn on his chapter '50' about the Senators who voted to fund late term abortions, but not waterboard terrorists..

MOST liberals are also against the death penalty for a guy who rapes and buries a six year old girl in a shallow grave after he strangles her, or a guy who hammers an entire family to death, but MOST seem to be okay with killing an innocent baby by piercing scissors through it's skull and sucking the brains out of the fetus while he or she squirms in pain. (Don't believe us? Go watch a video of it, then forward the video to N.O.W)

Liberals can be cold hearted, irrational and sick individuals.

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  1. Sadly this is so true. Liberalism is a Dangerous mental disorder.