Sunday, November 22, 2009


Below, you’ll find last night’s obligatory dig at Palin — although even that one’s framed as coming from the DNC and Keith Olbermann, which makes it a double-edged gag about the left’s Palin Derangement Syndrome. Is SNL trending … conservative?

This is funny, and we will be happy if it really happens. If Palin could do for ALL of America, just HALF of what she did for Alaska, and Beck's excellent journalism is what the media will really look like, this ticket is so GOLD! 'Palin-Beck' 2012 almost sounds as good as 'Demint-Bachmann' or a 'Paul-King' ticket. We have a community organizer and nothing more in the White House right now so even the Ice Cream man is qualified to run.(As long as he isn't a democrat)

Obama-Pelosi-Reid- The Perfect Storm For Economic Disaster...

We should ALL look at the damage that the Obama administration has done in only 11 months, and then look at what the democratic controlled congress, led by domestic terrorist Nancy Pelosi, is trying to do now. Just imagine how BAD it's going to be down the road when unemployment hits 20%, the dollar collapses, the disastrous health care bill and the cap and trade bill passes and possibly suffering another terrorist attack. ALL that is HIGHLY probable in the next 3 years. It's scary as hell. Are the democrats still going to blame George Bush and the 'teabaggers?'

NOTE- Liberals can live in denial and lie to themselves all they want, but they're finally starting to become a dying breed...