Monday, November 23, 2009

Ex-ACORN official gets probation for voter registration plan. That's it?!? Do liberals want to explain this one?

'Oh stop picking on Obama, he's just writing 'hope and change' on the board!'

A former field director for the political advocacy organization ACORN was sentenced today in district court to up to three years of probation.

Christopher Edwards, who in August pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit a crime of compensation for registration of voters, a gross misdemeanor, received a suspended jail sentence and a $500 fine. He has agreed to testify against ACORN and one of its former regional directors, Amy Busefink.

The Nevada attorney general’s office has accused ACORN and Busefink of operating an illegal bonus system. Tying money to or setting quotas for collecting voter registration cards is illegal under Nevada law.

“I take responsibility for what I did,” Edwards told the court. “I’m sorry, I truly am.”

Busefink and ACORN pleaded not guilty on Oct. 27. A trial date is set for April 19.

If convicted, Busefink likely would face probation or less than one year in jail. ACORN could see a $5,000 fine. READ MORE...

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