Monday, November 23, 2009

MOST DANGEROUS CITIES: Camden, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, Flint; You Know, ALL Those Cities Run By Republicans... lol

Did a 'National Endowment of the Arts' $40,000,000,000 'earmark' go to Camden NJ for this gorgeous project? How are those free market principles working out in Camden? We're sure that MOST of the kids in Camden have strict parents who are still married and go to church on Sundays..

Nation's most dangerous city: Camden tops the list again. The top 5 most dangerous cities have Mayors who are democrats. We're willing to bet that most, if not all of the top 20 are all run by democrats. (Get on that for us liberals, so you can justify feeling better that we might be wrong on something so irrelevant.)

The annual ranking of the most dangerous cities in the nation has again listed Camden as the worst. (We can fix this problem. Give ALL law abiding citizens in Camden, all 12,000 of them, guns! Guns, guns, guns! Then elect conservatives and watch the magic that happens within ONE year..)

The annual rankings from CQ Press are based on FBI-compiled crime data and population figures for 2008. Some criminologists say the methodology is unfair.
Camden is no stranger to the top of the list. It was the most dangerous city for 2003 and 2004 and is consistently in the top 10. The bad ranking comes during a year when the number of murders in Camden has dropped amid major changes to the police department.

A daily occurrence in Camden N.J. That taxpayer funded free smoke detector program is really working out. That would fall under personal responsibility wouldn't it? Don't worry, with Obama and Pelosi's future 'Universal Home Owners Insurance' bill, YOU will someday be responsible for paying for this house IF the democrats get their way. 'Fire up those kerosene heaters!' With 'cap and trade' causing heating bills to 'skyrocket' as Obama said, look for residents to start using fire pits in their living rooms...

(Story continued)

The study found Camden had more than 2,300 violent crimes for every 10,000 residents last year.

St. Louis, Oakland, Calif., Detroit and Flint, Mich., round out the top five.

Is this one of Valerie Jarrett's buildings in Chicago? Oh, no, wait, it's an apartment building in Detroit. With Fannie, Freddie and ACORN, you too can purchase a studio with no money down with a 'NINJA' loan; no income, no job and no assets..


Camden is a socialistic welfare community in New Jersey, and the largest "cost-center" east of the Mississippi. Because almost half of the residents live in poverty, Camden's inhabitants have realized the only way they have any hope of being successful in life is by adopting the ideals of Stalinist Communism. The majority of Camden's residents are Hispanic or Black. Camden is also one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. If you don't believe it, then just take a stroll through downtown Camden and count how many needles and stray bullets you find lining the city streets.

This grotesque and dilapidated city lies across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, but I wouldn't advise going in the river since you'll come across a number of dead bodies on the Camden side.

In the early 20th century, Camden was actually not such a bad place, and was the home of major corporations such as RCA and Campbell Soup, but is now the huge mess it currently is because the last remaining conservatives fled for the more prosperous cities of South Jersey, or even North Philadelphia. Camden is one of the few parts of the United States without a Republican Party. Because of this, the Democratic Party is virtually guaranteed to win every election. They're doing one heck of a job, aren't they?



Rachael Maddow can come too, since liberals like Maddow might think that the American people would rather NOT hear insults being hurled at a former Governor who has a kid with down syndrome, compared to a report on 'ghetto-homophobia.'

WARNING- Video Below Has Violence, Vulgar Language

All these tax eaters, brand new cars, no jobs and a good ole ass whoopin! Chalk up a victory for the lesbians here, as the straight black female 'right wing republican' homophobe chick (we're kidding) with the big mouth that started all this, got her ASS kicked by the lesbian with the really bad weave..don't sweat it baby, sing a song...

"To all the women in Camden.... who always seek that're just a baby's mama...who voted for Barack Obama...Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm..."


  1. love the song!! place looks like it was bombed.

  2. i love the line 'resident to have fire pits in their living rooms'. Does this guy really believe all these facts?

  3. i also love how comments need to approved but not content....

  4. why would the content need to be approved? do you think sites that lie, like, media matters, daily kos approve their content dickface? how do people like you become so dumb? it's funny. this site is humor blended in with facts. don't let the fact that you're a miserable liberal get in the way of a little sarcasm dudette. change your tampon and enjoy. I'm sure the writer didn't really mean fire pits would be used, even though in some of the abandoned homes, fire pits are used, but you wouldn't know that living in the burbs huh?
    stop hating you wimp, this is a great post. it's true too. did you even bother to notice that ?

  5. Dammmmmnnn, someone got smacked down. lmao,

    that girl was running her mouth as if she was going to destroy the lezzy. her wig falling off was hysterical! Id hate to live in that hell hole, detroit or camden. It's no surprise that democrats control all those cities.

  6. Im sure all comments are approved on all blogs aren't they? Especially in case someone like let's say "a lib" comes on and posts really offensive comments or really vulger insults, racist remarks, threats etc...It looks like yours were approved, so what's with the crocodile tears? Why are democrats such crybabies?

    I used to live in Philadelphia and remember Camden always being a 'gold mine' sitting on the river facing a gorgeous skyline. The potential that city had. The Sony theatre, aquarium, and a battleship is all it has now. But the democrats came in, put people on entitlement programs, killed small businesses and forced others like Campbells etc..out of Camden. Then the good producers were chased out because of the drugs, crime, prostitution. The last guy Bryant-Democrat, is in jail for corruption. Democrats ruin everything they touch.

  7. Famed world champion wrestler, "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, came from Camden. He was a cop there before turning pro and probably the last good thing thing to come out of the dump.

  8. whoa nicky, i said i liked it. i guess you are the dick face. why does this make me liberal? cant think for myself? i am a conservative, not unimaginative. i can decide what i think is funny, and right now that is you little nicky.

  9. nick, did your mom make this blog? a little sensitive dont you think?

  10. i really do like the blog and the banter.

  11. nick you got me all wrong. in addition to being an inner city conservative, i am also a homophobic racist. maybe we got off on the wrong foot.

  12. hey bay-eux-pig. you are a sarcastic liberal. get off my stick you loser.

  13. nothing new nick? i cant wait for your next post.....

  14. nick quit being a pussy and post some more truth as you see it.

  15. Very good post. I talk to my friends about how the worst cities are ran by our people. They do absolutely nothing in Philly. They get elected, during campaign they are in the neighborhoods and go to the black churches to get people hype and they get the vote and then you never see them. They do nothing about the streets, the crime and the low class education. Look at the most recent situation in Bmore, my hometown. And she still refuses to take full responsibility for her actions even after resigning.

  16. You just mimic what you see on FOX news? Great fing job, 2 minutes of my life I won't get back.