Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FLASHBACK! Karma Bites 'Pillow Biter' Perez Hilton. Punched In Grill By 'Will.I.Am.' From B.E.P's. OLBERMANN ON PEREZ; 'He's An Intellectual Titan' ??


'SSSSsssstop!!!' Is that lisp real? Seriously, this guy (or girl) whatever he or she is, is mentally disturbed. His nasty attack on Carrie Prejean was disgusting and this clown had no business judging a Miss USA pageant.

We would personally like to thank 'Will.I.Am' or his security person for clocking that nasty individual Perez Hilton. Just think, with the new hate crimes bill, Perez Hilton can press for a hate crime assault because he is gay, and 'Will.I.Am' can file back a hate crime because he's black. (One of the many reasons the hate crime is a joke, but the political payback to the trial lawyers who are in the pockets of the democrats LOVE it.)

Carrie Prejean must be laughing her ass off...

Keith Olbermann doesn't think it's very funny and speaks highly of Perez Hilton, the 'vile sodomite' as Andrew Wilkow best describes him. He gives gay men in American a bad name. Perez deserves that one. Olbermann is in love with Perez Hilton, IN FACT, and we're NOT kidding about this, Keith Olbermann said of Hilton, "Perez Hilton looks like an 'intellectual titan' and some sort of civil rights leader." Watch the video if you don't believe us. Can you believe this guy?

NOTE- We put this under our category 'dumb celebrity' for Perez Hilton and 'smart celebrity' for Will.I.Am...


  1. the funniest part of this video at 1:47 when he says 'he come in the club seezing me? like a heat sssseeking misssssle'..lmao What a crybaby.

  2. HHAAAA!!!! FUNNY!!! yea.Waaahhhh...Hows it feel ??

  3. Did he stamp his little foot when he said, "I have thirty THOUSAND people coming to my site every day!"?

    Honestly, I don't know why anyone cares what he says? He's nobody.