Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Was Pastor Manning Arrested For Threatening The Life Of The 'Long Legged Mack Daddy' President? Secret Service-Homeland Security Visit Atlah Church

The CONTROVERSIAL and HILARIOUS Pastor James Manning says the CIA, NYPD-homeland security and the secret service have launched an investigation into him and he might be charged and arrested on making threats to President Barack Obama.

Pastor Manning was recently suspended for the fifth time from YouTube, and all of his videos can now be seen at

Pastor Manning is a very knowledgeable man, and he does make really good valid points about Obama; especially about Obama's family and his sealed records. Obama is a total secret. No one knows much about his past. Most of his records are all sealed. How in the world does this NOT ring a bell in the head of every American? DING! 'Helloooo!?!?'

Manning says what a lot of others are afraid to say, or afraid to even speculate. We understand that and we totally support Glenn Beck. Bill O'Reilly has become complacent, that is true, but it's because he needs to keep those democrats and independents glued to FOX news. Constantly insulting the President, who is deserving of much criticism for his incompetence, will just chase some of those democrat viewers away. It's a pretty smart move, and sometimes you just have to play the game and hope they eventually learn the truth and come around. You won't find the truth at MSNBC, ABC or CNN, so you don't want to scare them off.

We like Pastor Manning and believe that while sometimes insulting the President with name calling and going a little overboard sometimes, he has THE RIGHT to speak his mind. Liberals are all about the freedom of speech until they disagree with the speech.

Pastor Manning is simply frustrated that people in this country are blind, drunk AND asleep at the wheel and he is trying to warn them of the dangers this President and his administration are to America.

Here's Pastor Manning on Howard Stern- SO FUNNY!

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  1. Pastor Manning is correct on much of what he says. I differ in that I see the Anti Christ coming from the Middle East ( but I do see Oprah and Obama and others do carry the Spirit of Anti Christ which means a spirit that REPLACES Jesus with other beliefs (Anti Christ = “In place or instead of Christ” not “Against Christ” like many think). You don’t have to have all the Bible truths as long as you have the key ones (repentance + faith in Christ + obedience ) to guide your walk and I know Jesus smiles from Heaven and is pleased with this pastor for speaking with conviction and power. You see when Jesus comes back the Bible says He will be teaching God’s word (Torah) from Jerusalem and that’s when all things will be clear. Obama is actually God’s judgment on America along with all the false lying Church leaders who prefer to fill their pockets than spread the Gospel of Jesus the true Messiah.
    I see in the word of God that when God sees a nation (America, Israel etc.) bent on turning their backs to Him God sends them what they want as a curse. Americans don’t want truth they want people (Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn etc) who will tell them how to feel good and that it’s OK to live like the devil in their sins. These false leaders are actually Gods curse on America. Several times Israel turned their backs but not their faces to God and God sent outsiders to destroy them as punishment. Look at the wholesale destruction of America – Socialists ideas that are destroying the very industries that built this nation, Big government that dictates instead of listening, corruption at all levels in business and Govt (ALL are part of it Rep & Dem), financial chaos that will lead to a dollar collapse, Stock market P/E ratios of 120 = insanity. China and others will end up landlords over great wealth (mines, oil, land) that our children should have inherited. Obama with his deception fooled many Christians who think going thru a door on Sundays is all it means to be Christian. Obama is just the beginning of Gods judgment on America. Jesus said many false Church Christian leaders would come as wolves from within the Church itself. Behold they are here and many Christians follow them and their manmade doctrines never opening Gods word for themselves to test what they are being told. Prepare yourself and get you spiritual house in order we are truly in the beginning parts of Gods judgment on this un-Godly nation.