Thursday, November 5, 2009

Matthew Spalding Explaining 'Progressive Liberalism' And Their Agenda To Control Your Life, Your Health Care And Reshape Society...

Matthew Spalding, who is far more intelligent than Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi combined, explains the radical Obama-Pelosi progressive liberal agenda PERFECTLY. We started '' to fight progressive liberalism, not to support a political party. We are trying to warn the same 'idiots' who support Obama that they are being conned.

Progressives like Bill Maher, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, George Soros, David Axelrod, Barbara Boxer, Sean Penn, Chuck Scumer, Maxine Waters, Barney Frank and Oliver Stone are all multi-millionaires who want to control your life using government, education, energy, health care etc.. You would have to be a complete IDIOT not to see this.

We need to exterminate the progressive liberal scum from this country. If they do not like this country, they should leave instead of trying to change it. These HYPOCRITICAL MORONS made millions (billions) off of capitalism and now want to move us into socialism. Who would support these anti-American progressive scumbags and why?


  1. Irritation is turning to anger every time another American worker loses their job. Because of these liberal anti-American bastards paychecks are shrinking and disappearing under Obama.

    America cannot work if Americans are not working.
    Workers want paychecks not unemployment checks.

    This site is in the vanguard exposing the liberal mindset----soon, very soon, the American attitude will be in alignment with this sites sentiments.

  2. Obama has proclaimed on a number of occasions that he is aganist torture, but it seems he is intent on torturing the American people by destroying our freedowm, our jobs and our sovereignty.

    No matter what kind of propaganda your lapdog media spews out, it will make no difference. The American people are on to you and our numbers are growing bigger every day and it will reflect it in the up-coming elections.

  3. As I see it play out I've come to realize that "Progressive" _really_ means progressing from Liberalism to Communism.

    Think about it and you know it's true!