Sunday, November 22, 2009

WHISTLEBLOWER VIDEO REVEILS SEIU BALLOT FRAUD. This is what Obama plans to do with the entire country. This is the 'change?' MUST SEE VIDEOS'

Earlier this week, we brought you the story of SEIU’s alleged ballot fraud during a union election in Fresno, CA. SEIU’s fraud wasn’t against political opponents or some evil capitalist. No, SEIU’s fraud was against a brother/sister labor union.

SEIU has been engaged in a fire-fight with the National Union of Health Workers. For SEIU, it isn’t enough that workers are unionized, but they must be unionized AND their dues flow into the purple political machine. The video features SEIU official David Regan, who ran the union’s voting campaign. Keep in mind, again, the “opponents” he mentions aren’t Republicans or businesses, but another labor union

What's Obama think of SEIU and the SEIU president Andy Stern? (See Below)

Can you count all of the 'idiots' in this video? Hint: They're all wearing purple...Can you see the 'Rev. Wright' coming out of Obama? Obama is a compulsive liar and the most corrupt President in U.S history. How embarrassing and unpresidential of a U.S President! (Watch the entire video for proof)

We elected a lying organizer for SEIU and ACORN to the office of President, and that's exactly what we got-an organizer for SEIU and ACORN, who has put their agenda above the needs of the entire nation.

Who is Obama's favorite Marxist visitor to the White House? See Video Below..

Doesn't this make you sick? It's why www.YouGotConned.Com exists..

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