Sunday, December 20, 2009

CIVIL WAR! It's On; "Ding Ding!' Dumb Liberals Attack Nasty Liberals. And It's Making Great T.V...

Do you see how nasty and rude liberals are? How they always avoid the answers to questions? How they turn on each other? You gotta love watching these IDIOTS fight each other. Dylan is an idiot because Debbie Schultz is the king of talking points. She's always deceptive and he should already know this. They're both morons..

Blue on blue II: Kos rips Chris Matthews — on MSNBC- Click here for the VIDEO
Marcos and Ed are about the nastiest, sickest liberals you will ever come across. They're mentally disturbed, miserable and angry vicious progressives who launch dishonest attacks against any opposition.

And as pathetic as Chris Matthews is, he's kind of right. This guy, or girl, or transvestite weirdo from the daily kos is NOT a real democrat. They have hijacked and used the democratic party and destroyed it..

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