Sunday, December 20, 2009

Obama's $789 billion buying votes instead of jobs. Studies show 'stimulus' spent on Democrats, not unemployment..

With cap and trade ponzi schemes, disastrous universal health care, political payback stimulus bills, tarp, omni bus and porkulis wasteful spending, this girl should be in trillions of dollars of debt before she gets her first job. With Obama killing jobs at record speed, lets hope she has a job someday.

You would have to be extremely naive to think that Obama is NOT trying to intentionally bankrupt America and collapse the economy. It's what Marxist's are trained to do...

A pair of studies analyzing U.S. jobs and the effects of President Obama's American Reinvestment and Recovery Act suggest the so-called "stimulus" bill has boosted partisan interests far more than employment figures.

White House projections in February claimed the $789 billion in spending would "create or save 3.5 million jobs over the next two years" and that over 90 percent of those jobs would be in the private sector.

One year into the two-year projections, however, the studies show that not only has the money failed thus far to deliver on either of those promises, but it also has been doled out disproportionately to districts with Democrat representation.

The first study, conducted by the Republicans of the House Ways and Means Committee, compares the White House's projections to actual U.S. Department of Labor statistics on a state-by-state basis.

The numbers show that 49 of the 50 states have actually lost jobs since the stimulus was passed in February, and that the only state to gain jobs, North Dakota, still has more than halfway to go to meet White House projections.

And while calculating how many jobs the stimulus package has "saved" is highly contentious (the administration estimates it has created 640,000 jobs), the Republicans compare the promised 3.5 million jobs the stimulus package was supposed to boost to the net 2.6 million jobs the U.S. has lost since the ARRA was passed.

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"President Obama said, 'We've seen a significant turnaround in the economy overall since the beginning of the year.' Vice President Biden said, of the 2009 stimulus law, 'It has created jobs,'" the House Republicans point out in a statement. "Outside of the White House, though, real Americans find it difficult to … see any significant turnaround or real job creation. Instead, they see only millions more jobs eliminated and millions more unemployed American workers."

The second study, conducted by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, reviewed the distribution of the $157 billion in stimulus dollars already doled out and found results that further bring up questions as to how and why the money is being spent. READ MORE...

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