Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Fat, Jealous, Angry, 'Palin Hating' Liberal; Roseanne Barr: Palin is 'Slave to Right-Wing Men,' 'Against All Other Women'

Real classy Roseanne...

Friday's Joy Behar Show on CNN Headline News showed a pre-recorded interview with Roseanne Barr in which Barr opined that, although Sarah Palin is "likable," the "stuff she says is half nuts," and she's "half crazy and out of her mind." Barr -- who herself has a recent history of doing such bizarre things as appearing in Heeb magazine dressed as Adolf Hitler removing Jewish gingerbread cookies from an oven -- went on to declare that Palin is "like a slave to these, you know, right-wing men. That’s like the only way a right-wing woman can make it."

Barr soon added: "The only way a woman can make it in the right wing, or the conservative, whatever the hell you want to call it, Republican, is to be against all other women. And that is what she does."

Ironically, just moments later as she and Behar expressed disapproval at the man who recently threw tomatoes at Palin, Barr was critical of liberals who have treated the former Alaska governor "badly because she's female," calling it "disgusting." Barr: "I don’t like where she is treated like badly because she’s female. I think that’s so wrong, and I think the left and the liberals are disgusting to do that." READ MORE...

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  1. So, by Barr's measure does that make Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Eileen Wellstone, Elizabeth Ward, Sandra Allen James, Christy Zercher and Kathleen Willey slaves to the left wing?