Thursday, December 10, 2009


It must drive the liberals CRAZY to see Harry Alford AGREE 100% with Glenn Beck. He is after all, 'black.' Charles Payne, an excellent financial contributor to the Glenn Beck show is also BLACK. What are the libbs going to do now? Can't play the race card.. What these spineless white liberals don't realize is that Harry Alford and Charles Payne are REAL BLACK MEN. Obama is 25% Kenyan, 25% Arab and 50% white. He is an elitist white liberal and a compulsive lying radical; period. How do you like that honesty? He doesn't represent the black community and he sure as hell can't relate to it, unless it's the small 'upper crust' black elitist neighborhood in Chicago. Thanks to these liberals, young black unemployment is almost 50% and growing.

This shouldn't shock you, but young blacks need to start watching people Glenn Beck and listening to people like Charles Payne, Harry Alford and James Sowell and stop listening to idiots like Jay Z, P-Diddy, Danny Glover and the 'queen bimbo' Kerry Underwood. They're all hypocrites. There's nothing wrong with listening to a goofy 'white guy' who tells the truth over celebrities who don't know shit outside their talent. Duhhh....

Speaking of Glenn Beck's ratings, a lot of the American people are finally catching on to Obama's con job..Can anyone remember during the campaign where Obama said that he would create over 30 czars and stack them with admitted communist's, socialist's, Marxist's and homosexual radicals who ask kids if they spit or swallow? $1000.00 to anyone who sends us a video of that speech!

While Beck's ratings soar, libb shows are sinking. Watching Joy Baher and Chrissy Matthews cry and whine like little babies is so priceless. Since no one else watches them, it's fun to tune in when there are commercials on FOX just to see what they're bitching about. Yesterday, it was Palin and Beck......again. Olbermann too. Every day, all they can do is bash people who are a threat to them, ignore real news, and their ratings are sinking like Obama's approval ratings. You gotta love it.

Maybe when we get a real President someday, Harry Alford can get a position in the administration to help un-kill all of the small businesses and jobs Obama has destroyed. But we don't want to hear any of this 'black this, black that, department of black this, Congressional black that' helllls no! We are ALL AMERICANS, ALL EQUAL. Lets get over this race separation organization crap. You're ALWAYS going to have racism in all directions by all races somewhere and it will never be 100% gone 100 years from now no matter what diversity-culture crap you force onto people. All these organizations do is whine, waste money, tie up the courts, burden the taxpayer and do nothing to improve the cause they claim to represent.

Lets take the hyphens out please....and get back to being the Unites States of America, not the socialist, Marxist states of America that bans the word 'Christmas' and hands fisting kits to elementary school children.

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  1. Who are you? I love your writings. No one seems to write the brutal truth and hit it like you do. Some humor, honesty and hard edged opinions and facts with video and evidence to back it up. We need more of this. I'm black, from Oakland and totally agree with you. More please..