Friday, December 11, 2009

SHOCKING! Convicted Felon Robert Creamer invited to White House state dinner. Guess who his wife is? How THEY are conning YOU on healthcare! VIDEO

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. Thank you Glenn Beck and FOX news. Just imagine if the disgusting liberal media was actually doing their job, Obama's approval rating would be near 5% and people would probably storm the White House.

Glenn Beck urged viewers of his Monday program to pay close attention to the White House-- maybe closer attention than the media coverage of Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the notorious White House gate-crashers.

In no small manner, Glenn Beck introduced to America yet another guest at the first official state dinner-- one who was actually invited: Robert Creamer. Creamer is a long-time political activist and husband of Illinois Congresswoman, Jan Schakowsky.

But what really caught the attention of Glenn Beck is not just that a convicted felon goes to parties with the President, but more "interesting" is Creamer's book written during his time spent in federal prison. Glenn Beck pointed to Creamer's "prison manual" which lays out a "Progressive Agenda for Structural Change," and included "a 10-point plan for foisting universal health care on the American people in 2009" READ MORE...

Who is Robert Creamer? Click here..

NOTE- More than 200 people wrote letters of support on Creamer's behalf, including U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Cook County Clerk David Orr, state Sen. Carol Ronen (D-Chicago), Chicago Ald. Joe Moore (49th), former State Sen. Dawn Clark Netsch and former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator Carol Browner.
Political consultant David Axelrod and Rev. Jesse Jackson also wrote letters on his behalf. So we have to ask again... 'why in the world do people vote democrat?!?

*Obama supporters, "how can you not see the 'con job' here? Are you tired of being stuck on stupid? Are you tired of feeling like an idiot because a community organizer and a liberal media insults your intelligence?"

Obama Camp was "launched to train interns and volunteers" and according to Mark Wiznitzer at, Robert Creamer was an Obama Camp leader:

"Our first substantive session on Campaign Culture was led by Bob Creamer of the Strategic Consulting Group. He provided an information-packed presentation starting with a general theory of campaigns, getting a candidate elected, what makes a great campaign, the targeting of “persuadable” and “mobilizable” voters, application of quantitative approaches, and different forms of messaging and research."


In the VIDEO below, listen carefully to the convicted felons wife, Jan Schakowsky, a democrat congresswoman, who is no different than her husband. What are the people of Illinois thinking when they vote these idiots into office?!? It's unbelievable..

In this video, we see and hear the despicable far-left Rep Jan Schakowsky of Illinois gleefully predicting the death of the private insurance industry at the hands of the federal government and the single-payer healthcare system.

So, the democrats are LYING to the American people when they say if you like your insurance, you can keep it. She's telling a group of people who want single payer one thing, then she will go to a group that's against single payer and say something different.

Jan Schakowsky, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are PERFECT examples of the elitist, radical, liberal, dishonest, progressive 'filth' that has infiltrated the democratic party, hijacked it and destroyed it. We have to vote all these 'scumbags' out of office in 2010 and 2012.

Yes, WE called them 'SCUMBAGS,' because they are 100% without a doubt 'SCUM.' The evidence is all over this website and only an IDIOT couldn't see it. Liberals can NOT win this argument, so we have a message for Obama supporters; 'get your head out of your ass, the jelly out of your spine and wake up. To all of you male liberals, we don't have much faith in you, but check downstairs to see if your testicles are still there and man the **** up.'

We're trying to help you 'sissies in denial' realize that you're being conned and used by the democrats. We don't do all this work for nothing you know...

Prove us wrong...we're waiting...


  1. ouch, well said. i hate jan shit-cow-ski and her husband. it's amazing how liberals agree and defend people, not knowing that it makes them look like assholes. all they did was whine about bush for 8 years because they didn't have the ability to think for themselves, so the little sheep are all of the sudden really quiet on van jones, carol browner, dave jennings and this ass clown. why? they either have no defense or they agree with these people in which case they are miserable angry misguided folks with a ton of issues upstairs.

  2. i can't seem to prove you wrong. i did try

  3. guess you told me , or them. you should have a talk show.

  4. The whole damned bunch in the White House are criminals so one more doesn't make a difference. The reason Obama hasn't filled all the vacancies in the White House staff is thst the prisons are not releasing the crooks fast enough.

  5. mickey mouse is a cute character, however he has no place in the white house.