Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Carbon Credit prices take tumble. Who would've thought that investing in NOTHING would be risky? Lesson learned: Never trust a liberal with your money

This is great. This was on Andrew Wilkow's website- www.wilkowmajority.com Don't feel bad for the people who bought carbon credits; they're idiots.

Andrew Wilkow is a brilliant conservative with a spine and host of 'The Wilkow Majority' on SiriusXM radio. You can listen to Andrew Wilkow weekdays from 1pm-3pm EST on Patriot 144 and again at 12am-3am EST.

We suggest liberals listen to Andrew too. They could learn a lot from Andrew who is the smartest young conservative radio host in the country. He has never lost an argument to a liberal and we challenge liberals to call his show and educate themselves. 1-866-95PATRIOT

Andrew has a well earned phrase on The Wilkow Majority; "we're right, they're wrong, and that's the end of the story." Andrew is right and that's why liberals FEAR him...

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