Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ONE BIG SHITHOLE: The Death of Detroit; Caused By Leftist Policies? Great VIDEO From PJTV.

In this video, Crowder comes across bags of needles in a dilapidated home. These needles were most likely provided by the U.S taxpayer through the needle exchange program in Detroit. That's how liberals like to spend your money....

ALL ghetto-cities with high unemployment, crime, drug use, teenage pregnancy, dropout rates, disease, single parents, litter etc..are in cities controlled by democrats. How is that working out for Newark, Philadelphia, Camden, Gary, Chicago, Detroit, Flint, Baltimore, D.C, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City and Memphis? With Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other radical morons at the helm of this country, a 14 trillion dollar debt (and growing daily) 18% unemployment (and climbing) out of control spending, government run health care and cap and trade bills looming, we will soon be there.

Remember, there were people 40 years ago who would of bet the house that Detroit would NEVER be the way it is today and they were wrong. When it comes to fixing the U.S economy, are you willing to put your money on the most radical, corrupt and economically incompetent leftist politicians in U.S history? We would hope not..

New Crowder: The death of Detroit

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