Friday, December 11, 2009

Glenn Beck: Barbara Walters' Ten Most Fascinating People VIDEO

Over at MSNBC, Keith Olbermann was so mad at the news of Beck being 'fascinated' that he threw papers all over his desk, cried and 'peed his pants' when he heard the news, even naming Beck the 'world worst person' or something like that. 'How dare Glenn Beck expose radical communists, Marxists and socialists in Obama's administration!' If you can stomach looking at Olbermann's face, click here for the video.

When Keith Olbermann is cured of his mental disorder, tells the truth, loses the anger problem, gets a radio show with 9 million listeners, writes 6 best selling books, reports ONE honest story, has a guest on his show that doesn't agree with him and gets TV show ratings come out of the basement, the 'failed sportscaster' can also someday be named a 'top 10' fascinating guy.

He still won't get laid though...

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  1. Did you notice that 'Bobbrah Valters' did not even challenge Beck on his statements?

    It's as if she knows he's right and just doesn't want to challenge him knowing she will look like an idiot.

    She should share some of this information with that pig Joy Baher on the view and for Christmas, everyone should send Joy Baher an 'Arguing with Idiots' book, since she represents the idiots he talks about.

    That would be funny.

  2. Glenn is charming -- and right.