Thursday, December 17, 2009

REASON 2,542 WE DESPISE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS. Listen To The Douchebag Democrat Al Franken, The 'Accidental' Senator, Shut Down Lieberman On House Floor..

Can you believe the arrogance of the freshman socialist Al Franken? Why do we elect these vindictive democrats into office? This is obviously retribution against Lieberman for not supporting the public option of the health care bill. Keep pushing Joe Lieberman and the democrats might find an additional republican in congress soon.

If you ever find yourself asking, 'what's wrong with this country?' All you have to do is look at the picture above. How in the world did this elitist tax cheat get elected? The democrats fixed the election and now this MORON is a U.S Senator! See video below from 'Black and Right' for details on 'stolen elections.'

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  1. what an embarrassment. I freaking hate Al Frankens guts.

  2. thanks for the video, it's now posted.

  3. Extending the time wasn't Franken's call to make. Specific instructions from Senate leadership limited debate to 10 minutes.

    Opponents are doing anything and everything to stonewall this legislation.

    Well, the answer is no.

  4. Actually, you're wrong AND you're missing the point. Al Franken could of let Lieberman speak for a few minutes as a courtesy and the point of this artice is that it was retribution , no matter how you dumbasses try to slice it.

    It was Al Frankens call to make. It doesn't matter what the other dickhead said. If this was a liberal democrat who wasn't against the public option, he would have been given his few extra minutes.

    Again: "how did you liberals become so ******* stupid?"

    If Harry Reid and Al Franken worked as hard as they do at conning and lying to the American people every day to pass bills most Americans don't want, at creating jobs and helping small businesses and the economy, people might think better of them.

    Thank you for letting me clear up dickheads incorrect comment.

  5. Mr Liberal probably believes Franken honestly won the election the democrats stole from rep. Norm Coleman. Thise boxes of votes in the trunk of that car just happened to be overlooked.

    What makes me sick to my core is that liberals defend a party that intentionally discarded overseas ballots from men and women from Minn. serving in Iraq and Afghanastan who voted for Coleman by finding the most ridiculous techicalities and not counting them in addition to ACORN.

    I left the democratic party years ago and now I went from leaving them to hating their guts. I will do everything in my power til the day i die to do everything possible to abolish and expose that disgusting anti-American progressive party. I would rather see socialists in office, at least they're honest about it.

    Libertarians are going to start winning elections in 2010-2012-2014.

  6. Well, it's time for Hardball Politics. The Republicans would have done it, too. They had a chance to be a part of history. They could have worked with the Democrats. They chose not to. OK

    They're not in power. Sucks to be them.

    Fine, be a Losertarian. The Libertarian Party has been around for 30 years and have NOTHING to show for it.

  7. "Again: "how did you liberals become so ******* stupid?" "

    I believe their stupidity is self-inflicted. When you are determined to shield yourself from the truth, stupidity is, inevitably, your end result.

  8. hey anonymous. if democrats voted to make rape 'legal' and the republicans said 'no' and tried to stop it, your dumbass would call them the party of 'no' and said that they could of been part of history. that's how fucking dumb you sound!

    providing health care to all Americans is NOT the responsibility of the government. It's NOT in the constitution. the general welfare clause or what democrats are trying to use; the commerce excuse does not allow the government to force individuals to buy anything.

    why should person A, who works , doesn't smoke, goes to the gym, doesn't drink, doesn't have multible unprotected sex partners, doesn't do drugs and doesn't eat themselves into oblivian, have to provide health care for those who do? Please answer me that you idiot. I'm waiting..

    Why should the US Taxpayer provide abortions for people? Or Illegal aliens? I'm waiting and don't give me your liberal talking point which is usally name calling...I want a real answer from you ...

    The republicans missed a chance at being party of history you say?!?!?! Are you nuts! They will go down as hero's for not passing this piece of shit bill that will be a total disaster.

    As for libertarians, you can call them losers all you want but remember most of the tea party people lean libertarian and they're polling higher than your Marxist democrat party you dirtbag. So I guarantee you will see several in 2010.

    You liberal pigs are finished dude.

  9. "Why should the US Taxpayer provide abortions for people?"

    If it was ever in health care reform it's out as of today. It was taken out to get Ben Nelson on board for the Senate version. Looks like it was a successful compromise.

    Or Illegal aliens?

    "H.R. 3200: Sec 246 — NO FEDERAL PAYMENT FOR UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States."

    "I'm waiting and don't give me your liberal talking point which is usally name calling...I want a real answer from you ..."

    Kind of an odd statement from someone who just went through a string of namecalling:

  10. You're are an idiot though. It's not name calling, it's fact. And I anser my questions without using name calling as an answer. I guess you're too slow to get that part..

    Dude, you have to stop using fact check. Obama's so down woth Annenburg who runs fact check so spare me. You do know you're like, one of seven people in America who do not know this right?

    Also, if amnesty is givin, and they are trying, they are technically no longer "illegal" which means they will eventually get free health care because they will be US citizens OR no longer considered "ILLEGAL" if they're going through the process you moron!, it's not surprising how dumb people are so easily tricked by the democrats.....

    How come by 13 year old daughter picks this up and you can't?

    Abortion language changed, thats it. This bill is hundreds of pages, and no one has read it on your side. Amendments and side notes by lawyers (democrats) are slipped in in the middle of the night while you're yanking your chain in your moms basement. NO bill can be trusted by Reid, Pelosi because they have deceived the public for years.

    Would you let a twice convicted thief, rapist and child molester sleep in your daughters bedroom for the night? Ask yourself, 'why?'

    And ask yourself this...(go to the mirror) 'How the fuck did I become so naive and stupid?'

    Im serious...