Thursday, December 24, 2009

Report: Jennings called Falwell 'terrorist.' Gave handouts to kids with explicit drawings. Another leader calls for removal of Jennings.

Reports have been uncovered revealing President Obama's Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings once called renowned evangelist Jerry Falwell a "terrorist" and children attending a seminar where he was keynote speaker were given handouts with explicit drawings showing them how to perform various sex acts.

The evidence accumulated about Jennings also has prompted Janice Shaw Crouse of Concerned Women for America, the nation's largest public policy women's group, to join the voices calling for his removal from the Department of Education's Office of Safe Schools.

"Let's go over the specifics: the man charged with making America's public schools 'safe' comes from a career of promoting dangerously violent homosexual activities among children in public schools? The 'safe schools czar' is a man whose major concern is providing condoms to students when they engage in risky behavior with an adult? The 'safe schools czar' – the person overseeing safety in the nation's public schools – is a person whose raison d'être is to promote homosexuality among children and teens?" wrote Crouse, senior fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute, the think tank for Concerned Women for America. READ MORE...

NOTE- Obama's czars are full of radical self-admitted Marxists, socialists, communists and even a dangerous homosexual who is leading the 'safe schools' czar! WTF?!?

"Great job Obama! While your patting yourself on the back for making 'tough decisions' (don't laugh, he really did) when you have only made bad decisions and shown terrible judgement, you don't even want to fire this 'weirdo' Kevin Jennings. This is like having a twice convicted child molester as your elementary school principle!"

With a disastrous health care bill that NO ONE wants passing, a 'cap and trade' bill NO ONE wants looming, the democrats ignoring the 'Climategate' scandal which further proves that 'man made' global warming is a hoax, spending trillions of taxpayers dollars to bail out Wall Street and fund ACORN, and the 'culture of corruption' and bribery deals in the democratic party at an all time 'HISTORIC' high; they are becoming the party from HELL.

They should switch from democrats to the 'corruptacrat communist' party. The word 'democracy' and 'democrats' are like oil and water.


  1. We aren't a democracy, at least according to the constitution. A democracy is mob rule. Mob rule is what the Democrats want in order to achieve a oligarchy populated with their own aristocrats.

    Tar and feathers would be a slap on the wrist for these traitors.

  2. I am so tired of the polarization in American politics. You seem to think that the Democrats are corrupt without mentioning the Republicans. Trust me, there is corruption in both parties. As to your assertion that NO ONE wants health care reform, I think you are sadly uninformed. We are THE ONLY WESTERN INDUSTRIALIZED NATION that has no provision to help the folks at the bottom of the economic ladder. It makes our country look greedy and out of touch. It is a cliche but also true that health care should not be a privilage but a basic human right.

  3. Well well well. Another idiot hitting the comment boards. The republican party is 40% corrupt, but the democrat party is around 90% corrupt and 90% of their policies are brutal. (see California- Detroit-etc)

    HEALTH CARE YOU SAY, SHOULD BE a right, BUT IT'S NOT dickhead.

    Also, EVERY POLL INCLUDING CNN, NBC AND democratic pollsters have almost 60% AGAINST this idiot.

    IF you're going to make it easier to buy health care, maybe they should work on it by doing it the right way. The democrats don't even want TORT REFORM because they're all lawyers as are their donors..I don't hear you complaining about that dickhead.

    Also, the USA has the best damn health care in the world. I don't give a flying **** what your liberal friends TOLD you, they lied.

    There's not 30 million uninsured. That's BULLSHIT. There are people who 'choose' to be 'uninsured.' That's different. You see, those people CHOOSE new cars, cell phones, digital cable, flatscreens, tattoos, takeout food, lottery tickets, booze, drugs, alcohol, and having more kids than they can afford OVER buying health care, because they know we have charity care and eventually the taxpayers will pick it up anyway.

    I work in the inner city and see this every single day, and it's because MORONS like you, we have so many entitlement programs out there, you have killed the incentive for hard work and responsibility.

    Why should I have to pay for the health care of another person who CHOOSES risky behavior? A smoker, drinker, drug user etc..Why dickhead? Please tell me?

    I guess losers like you think we should all have free dental too? Free vehicles? We tried the 'give everyone a house even though they don't deserve it- or else' Hows that working out for America DICKHEAD? Thought so...

    By the way, I need some new cloths- can you give me some? Give me give me give me- This country is broke NOT because a war, but because of entitlement programs and wasteful spending for years by MOSTLY DEMOCRATS and progressive scum who think the government should pay for everything for everyone at the cost of the 'producers' of society. That's NOT what made this country great. That's NOT how to make someones life better.

    It's IDIOTS LIKE YOU who think so 'stupidly' that have caused this country to become so broke, we have the communist chinese lecturing us on our spending!!

    Get your own fu****g health care loser. What kind of man are you? Where's all the hollywood elitist puss*** at? Why don't they buy health care for the pooor instead of having the pathetic incompetent government forcing me to do so?

    Go see a shrink you dope.

  4. Nick,
    Thank you for your polite response. I don't see anything ugly about what I stated; however, as a result of my opinion I am now an "idiot, dickhead, moron, loser, progressive scum, a stupid thinker, and lastly a dope. What really baffles me is that I get called all these names and you don't even know me. You said "The republican party is 40% corrupt, but the democrat party is around 90% corrupt and 90% of their policies are brutal." Can you back up these numbers or is it something you simply read on a conservative blog? I am not a democrat anyway as you think but am an independent. It helps me in drawing my own conclusions - you should try that yourself, Nick, instead of repeating conservative Republican talking points. Then you go on to say "Also, the USA has the best damn health care in the world" (I agree)- it's a shame that all Americans don't have access to it. "I don't give a flying f**k what your liberal friends TOLD you, they lied." Unlike you Nick, I don't form my opinions from what my so-called "liberal friends say" - I study the issues and form my own opinions. Have you ever thought of trying that yourself or is it just must easier to use "fair and balanced" talking points from Fox News? Nick, I could use some new clothes myself so I think I may get some for myself for a small holiday present - perhaps you could get some new cloths by simply ripping up some of your old clothes (at least this idiot moron can spell - despite "thinking stupidly). Oh, and by the way, this fu****g loser DOES have health care simply because I can afford it, and I guess that is my main point - there are many in our society that cannot so they are just plain out of luck. Many Americans have to make a decision between food and housing or health care. Does that seem right to you? I guess it does - just screw the folks at the bottom of the food chain - that is very gracious of you. Lastly, I think it is you that needs to see a shrink. Perhaps a little anger management course may help you to control the vitriol that seethes from your post. Merry Christmas, happy hannukah, or what ever it is you celebrate at this time of year. You obviously need some happiness to counter your anger issues.

  5. i agree with Nick. I think he made a good point. maybe he uses strong language because like I believe, liberals are really stupid people. they're also irrational, mean, nasty, miserable, and wrong all of the time. so maybe nick's just frustrated about whats going on in the world. I know I am.

    Health care isn't a right. I don't understand why people like you can't get that through your head. nick made some good points about people, even poor-poverty levels, not living within their means. If democrats cared so much about the uninsured, why don't they cut every single entitlement program, stop all earmarks and stop funding for acorn, laraza cair-etc..and then they could pay for healthcare for everyone. I know why, they want votes and power.

  6. REMEMBER- There are SOME bad republicans...but NO good democrats. Those stats are about right considering the republican party still has people like Ron-Rand Paul, Jim Demint, Michelle Bachman, Peter King etc..

    The democrats don't have one left with a spine. They have all sided with Pelosi. They're all corrupt. even the blue dawgs sold out. It's sad.

    As for Independents, there's a reason they call 'Independents' the 'dumb' people. How can you NOT know what you want?

    Conservative is simple. Small government low taxes, strong national defense, freedom of the individual. Personal responsibility. Domestic energy, I mean, we know what we want.

    Democrats are simple- Big government, wasteful spending, corruption, pay to play, lie to the people and tell them what they want to hear, make illegals legal and buy their vote, more welfare, more ACORN, reward irresponsibility, make the producer pay for the recipient, kill babies, and stop everyone from having guns EXCEPT criminals.

    Libertarians- NO government- NO national defense, gay marriage, beastility anything goes..

    You decide.

    Independents are dumb and have NO idea what they want. Then they should stay home on election day.

  7. #1 - I don't use 'talking points' from the republican party #2- You have earned those names dickhead. #3- Im right, you're wrong so shove it fag. #4- You're an independent alright, and Independent jackass. #5 I'm not angry, I'm passionate # 6- I do know you, well... #7- My numbers are dead on as I research corruption all day #8- Get your own damn health care, it's not my nor anyone elses duty to provide healthcare for any food chain dickface #9 You're an idiot and failed to address my other points and...#10 Merry christman you moron


    US uncaps Fannie/Freddie support, announces during Christmas holidayposted at 1:00 pm on

    If an administration wanted to pull a fast one on American citizens and keep a move that puts them on the hook for hundreds of billion dollars as quiet as possible while still disclosing it, when would be the best time to take that action? How about an evening when people all across the country turn off their televisions and laptops to spend time with family and friends, celebrating an important religious holiday? Could any President be as calculating and cold-blooded as to do something like that?

    Welcome to the new transparency:

    The Obama administration’s decision to cover an unlimited amount of losses at the mortgage-finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over the next three years stirred controversy over the holiday.

    The Treasury announced Thursday it was removing the caps that limited the amount of available capital to the companies to $200 billion each.
    Unlimited access to bailout funds through 2012 was “necessary for preserving the continued strength and stability of the mortgage market,” the Treasury said. Fannie and Freddie purchase or guarantee most U.S. home mortgages and have run up huge losses stemming from the worst wave of defaults since the 1930s.

    “The timing of this executive order giving Fannie and Freddie a blank check is no coincidence,” said Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama, the ranking Republican on the House Financial Services Committee. He said the Christmas Eve announcement was designed “to prevent the general public from taking note.”

  9. Eat vegetables, and when shopping in a supermarket anticipate which foods are healthy and which foods are harmful, in other words try using a little prevention, and stay the hell out of my wallet for your preventable health problems. I'm responsible for the well-being of my family and the loafers are responsible for theirs, and if you choose to shorten your lives through your personal choices go right-ahead---you are called only to answer to yourself---but stay out of the American billfold.

    Ayatollah Obama lied to the American people "again", saying if you have insurance that you like then you can keep it except for Medicare Advantage, except in Florida---so in essence 10 million people can kiss their coverage goodby---but, "don't feel bad, I told you before you voted for me that the American people wanted change and that's just what a I am giving you"

    Over 10 million people will be heard from next year at the ballot box----I wonder, truely wonder, who they will cast their vote for.

    This crown cancer in the White House and his Obamadites will be remembered on a scale analogous to the Black Plague----during that period of disastrous calamity there was no antibiotics to counter it's spread---but today we have the powerful antibiotics of the vote to eradicate the pestilence of the Obama administration and his cohort's permanently.

  10. Nick---I would like to add that you always show up in the Nick of time to keep sanity on the track---if there was only one politician who had your backbone and passion this country would be cleansed of all the liberal scumbags.

    Your breath of knowledge is something that I greatly admire----have you ever considered throwing your hat in the political arena-----I can tell you for a fact you already have one vote in your pocket if you did---mine.

  11. I could never run because I am for extreme physical torture of corrupt politicians and I wouldn't be able to use physical punishment on dems

  12. For the record----Nick/Ano---there are more people off the record who feel like you do, that are distressed with the destruction that these commie bastards are employing---and I can assure you that if votes don't expunge these traitor's, then things will go to the next level.

  13. Well, it quickly became obvious that you folks are impossible to talk to. I attempt to make a few points and am attacked with foul language and anger. Call it passion if you like Nick - I see anger and frustration because your mommy just took away your favorite toy. Your attitudes sound like something out of the KKK in the deep woods of Alabama in the 1950s. I feel like a liberal, secular humanist that has stumbled onto that big fat idiot Rush Limbaugh show or an advocate for immigrants on the Lou Dobbs show. I supoose you guys are "members" of the birther movement and "tea partiers" as well. Oh and Nick throwing his hat in the ring - that sounds great - hate coming from another obstructionist Republican - not my cup of tea. Merry Christmas to you all and good night although I can't comprehend you guys having a merry anything when you are so angry and spew such venom. I think I'll move my comments to a civilized blog where folks have reasonable, educated debates not just frothing at the mouth like a bunch of rabid dogs.

  14. Oh, I forgot to leave you with a couple of last thoughts from the great 20th century musician and philosopher - Mr. Frank Zappa.

    "Without deviation from the norm,
    progress is not possible."- Frank Zappa

    “It would be easier to pay off the national debt overnight than to neutralize the long-range effects of our national stupidity.” Frank Zappa

  15. YOU DID IT! Mr Liberal 'Anonymous' has finally showed his TRUE colors by throwing in the "KKK" (which has about 4 members left)and race card. That's funny considering I'm Puerto Rican, I don't think I would fit too well in the KKK, which hardly has any chapters anymore. Yet this same putz liberal probably thinks the black panthers standing outside a polling booth in Phily is JUST FINE, right pusssyboy??? Another wimpy white liberal..too scared to address the REAL race problems in this country, so he just makes up shit.

    Liberals are by far, the most racist individuals on the planet. What would a white liberal know about Alabama period? I love how liberals think they know everything about places they have never been. (No, you haven't been there)

    I also like how liberals leave blue states after ruining them and go to red states for better lives because the taxes crime etc..then vote dem. in thise states and start to ruin them = idiots..(See N.Carolina)

    And you know what else dickhead..I AM A BIRTHER AND A TEA PARTY goer and you know what dickface- WE are ahead of you democrats and republicans in the polls. How do you like that fag?? That's got to hurt more than Barney Franks rearend on sunday morning..

    It's funny that you call Rush 'FAT IDIOT' but try to tell me that name calling is making your tampon even more saturated. Hypocrite..I hate liberals because they're such hypocrites-perfect example...

    Let's see here- I was always told Rush was an idiot. So I listened and knew why libbs would tell people that he was a fat was because they didnt want you to listen to him! Because he was right! I started listening to Rush and I love him! And Beck...and guess what Mr Anonymous liberal..NO ONE listens to Bill Press, Mike Malloy and Alan Colmes. Just call them and you get a ring and you get right on their show and when you make good points and destroy them on air, they hang up on you., Try calling Rush and seeing if you can get through his 21 million listeners you jealous be-atch..

    I will leave you with this...Mental Patients (Progressives) don't realize they have a problem. Maybe you should think to yourself, 'why do these people disagree with me? Why does big government always fail? How come democrats are corrupt sneaky lying dirtbags? How come Obama lies every time he opens his grill? How come I'm always wring and really stupid? Then try to answer those questions by staying off the huff po. daily kos moveon and media matter you big fat idiot.

  16. also..I am convinced 100% Not that Obama WASN'T born here...BUT that he's hiding a lot. You see, you liberals are too fuc*ing dumb to research anything yourself, usually depending on boy-looking progressive lesbians with philosphy degrees on NBC for your information. You see, the birthers movement questions Obama's 'citizenship' for many reasons and some really powerful evidence you dirty libbs never bother to look at. It requires 'intelligence' which liberals have none.

    Why would Obama seal ALL his college records and spend almost 2 million dollars in legal fees to fight the lawsuits? It's not a theory it's fact. You can find all of the evidence you need to make a judgement for yourself at

    Obama is a Narcisist of the worst kind BUT he's also a pathological and compulsive liar. Even liberals will agree, but for some reason, it's okay for him to lie because he's 1/2 black and went to Harvard. It's just how dumb liberals think.

    Go there and read the evidence and then come back and call me a 'birther' bitch.

    As for being a teabagger, since YOUR paty has all the fags in it, calling us teabaggers in an understatement.

    You guys are just jealous because we protested one time and did it better than you guys, who have been protesting everything for years like the whiney bitches you are, and you couldn't do 1/10 of the crowds we got.

    You liberals don't even know the true meaning of 'liberal' because you ruined the meaning. Go research it dickhead.

    Mr Anonymous liberal..when you grow up someday and get your head out of your ass and get out of your PJs and your mothers basement - start working and raise a family etc....YOU will THANK the same teabaggers and birthers you are now demonizing. I promise you that. You are a total moron and it's a fact, not an insult.

  17. Enoueh, enough, enough of this traitor in the White house and his apologist supporters. A faulty detonater used for explosives is the only thing that saved American lives----where is this mutt in the White House----who defends and shields his comrades in arms---it is only a matter of time before American lives are lost because this betrayer with his false obligation's for America's security is "IN BED WITH THE TERRORISTS---and if indeed he is not, then let him condemn these terrorists to hell--right now---and condemn them repeatetly until they get the message---it will be two of your eyes for every eye that we lose---don't hold your breath---that's never going to happen---it will be the same soaring rhetoric and the same compromising of values---what a loser---he make's that other loser Jimmey Carter seem a bit more palatable.

  18. I would run for office IF I had the power to hang Pelosi, Reed, Axelrod, Emanual, Soros, Stern, Jarrett, Frank, Dodd, Schumer, Durbin and Boxer. That would all be done day 1. I would incarcerate all Czar members affiliated with any anti-American organization and confiscate the wealth of Al Gore, G. Bush, Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney and Barack Obama and all hung others and put it back in the budget. I would stop all spending, annialate afghanistan and Iran into ash treys, eliminate every entitlement program, lower taxes, lower congress pay to $30,000 a year with term limits, hire 50,000 'deportation' agents, build a super fence, refuse treatment to all illegals and then on the 2nd day, I would start to hammer all other domestic terrorists and fix America...

  19. Obama would love to hide his link to the terrorist's, but his slip is showing---for the idiots who need proof of Obama's tyrannical acts of collaboration with the enemy look no further then his appointment for our Homeland of-no Security Janet Napolitano-----it get's no sadder then that----when the terrorist's in Iran got wind of Obama's homeland security choice the laugher could be heard in Iraq.

    Nick, you may feel you would be to tough on our countries enemies, but compared to the damage Obama and his Obamadite's are spreading throughout the populace and country, your treatment of these traitors seems mild in comparison.

    You are in front of the curve, most of America still has not grasped that the worst is yet to come under this mutt in the White House. When they do finally catch on to Obama's true blue-print of ruination that he and his commie allies have in store for this country they will adopt similar sentiments that you have already postulated.

  20. G’Morning Nick you right-wing moron,

    Yes, I can be just as f**king nasty as you are - I simply USUALLY don’t speak that way on blog comments because it is not conducive to civil discourse and a healthy exchange of ideas. However, it is now obvious that you have no intention of using civil discourse and do not accept an exchange of ideas because YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT and anyone who feels differently is obviously stupidly and moronically wrong.

    You said “YOU DID IT! Mr Liberal 'Anonymous' has finally showed his TRUE colors by throwing in the "KKK" (which has about 4 members left)and race card.”

    OK ***hole, if you would re-read what I posted it is plain to see that I said YOUR ATTITUDES sound like something out of the KKK in the deep woods of Alabama in the 1950s. In no way did I insinuate that you were a member. Also, I am aware that this particular hate group is in rapid decline but there are plenty of other hate groups coming along to take their idiotic place. As to playing the “so-called race card” one of your band of yes men followers, Russell G. said “this mutt in the White House” – no that isn’t racism by a long shot. Nick, in the state of Georgia alone there are six different klan groups so I doubt very seriously your statement of 4 or so members left. There were 926 active hate groups in the United States in 2008 – see the hate group map for yourself at:

    I cannot speak of the black panthers in Phila. As I don’t know anything about this and have not followed the issue.

  21. After doing some reading on the "New Black Panthers," NO, I would not support those folks in any way. They are a hate group, are racists against whites, and carried weapons at Phila. polling stations thus intimidating voters at the polls. I am against racism of any sort. I cannot imagine why you would feel that I would support them. Let's just say that I have no tolerance for intolerance whether it be racism, discrimination against gays, or religious extremists attempting to ram their views down my throat.

  22. Let me explain something to you 'dickhead.' Im Puerto Rican, from New York City GHETTO section kid..I have family in the 'deep' south. I have lived in N. and S.Carolina while serving my country.. I grew up in a black-hispanic neighborhood with jews and micks close by and let me tell you...Blacks are far more hateful towards whites then the whites are to blacks. The thing is, you white liberals usually bend over backwards to blow these same people who really don't like you.
    That KKK crap in NOTHING compared to a pile of street kids on my old block who would beat your old white ass just for coming down our street.
    You my friend, are an idiot. Like Palin pissing off liberals, I have seemed to get under your old wrinkly liberal skin and I LOVE IT!!!

    As for Russell, there's NO WAY you could even be in his class when it comes to political debate. You can't even touch me..

    I think you should go hang with your friends at the DailyKos who spend half the day attacking mothers of five, Miss USA contestents, laughing at the pope being tackled and celebrating just how cool it is that a men who stick their penis's in another mans cornhole attracting HIV can now get married in DC.while ignoring the top 10 most corrupt politicians list ALL liberals and ONE RINO.

    Obama was #7. Judicial Watch isn't a 'right wing' website either it?

    Now take your racist guily white liberal ass and go somewhere.
    LWhite liberals are racist. The nicest people I have ever met in my life, and the most productive rational thinking people have been conservatives by FAR...

    60-65yrs still need to grow up and become a man you sissy. Libbs are sissies. They can't do for themselves so they want others to do it for them. Get lost...Arianna Huffington needs you. She also needs to be plugged and she's your age so hit her up...

  23. by the way..Russ would destroy you in a debate..

    liberals do have mental disorders..

    how can you defend the LEADERS of your party? Dodd, Frank, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Rangel, Schumer, Holder, Napolitano, Geitner, these people are the laughing stock of the entire world.

    Because Obama's circus administration full of academic morons, crooks, liars and losers, we are becoming a total joke and broke!!

    Again, mr do you defend them dick?

  24. Anonymous everytime you post you are committing intellectual sucidide. Being a liberal mean's to never violate your internal taboo's. Your biggest prohibition is to ban any morality and taste on the grounds that being born a liberal deprives you of any common sense.

    Anonymous---for your edification I would like to elucidate something for you---I am not a yes man for Nick----I just so easily gravitate towards cerebral people and Nick is a sagacious man and a practioner of sagacity---don't be jealous----I like you to---everytime I read your posts Anonymous, you provide me with belly-laugh's---please keep posting, I promise you I will keep laughing-----keep posting.

  25. You said: "how can you defend the LEADERS of your party? Dodd, Frank, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Rangel, Schumer, Holder, Napolitano, Geitner, these people are the laughing stock of the entire world."

    Jesus man, how many times do I have to tell you - I AM NOT A DEMOCRAT!!!

    You said: "Let me explain something to you 'dickhead.' Im Puerto Rican, from New York City GHETTO section kid..I have family in the 'deep' south. I have lived in N. and S.Carolina while serving my country.. I grew up in a black-hispanic neighborhood with jews and micks close by and let me tell you...Blacks are far more hateful towards whites then the whites are to blacks."

    I am sure that what you say is true; however, I don't live in NYC and, quite frankly have no desire to. Race relations over the US cannot be judged by what you find in NYC. Where I live, in southern rural Virginia, we don't have those problems. WTF is a Mick?

    As to Huffington. I don't read that crap anymore. When the site first started, it had worthy info; however, it has degenerated into infotainment.

  26. You said "Because Obama's circus administration full of academic morons, crooks, liars and losers, we are becoming a total joke and broke!!"

    How quickly we forget. Clinton left us with a balanced budget. Obama has simply inherited what 8 years of "stupid for president" did to our country.

    Palin? She is a joke and I DO NOT fear her. I hope she does run. We have already had stupid for president. I respect the American public too much and simply do not believe that they would elect another anti-intellectual, science denying, moron for president.

  27. NYC I guess helps to explain your rudeness. I worked with some guys from NYC and NJ and have never met folks I thought any ruder.

    By the way, I actually thought of three republicans that I respect - Joe Scarborough, David Gergen, and former VA senator John Warner.

  28. Throughout our little ?discussions? I am constantly being called a hypocrite although I have no idea what I have done to earn such a moniker. Nick, do you intend to give back your social security check when you retire? In addition to the funds that you have paid into the system the government also pays some. My point?

    Social security is (oh noooo) socialism.

    The following came from you, Nick:
    “I would incarcerate all Czar members affiliated with any anti-American organization and confiscate the wealth of Al Gore, G. Bush, Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney and Barack Obama and all hung others and put it back in the budget.”

    You would confiscate the wealth, etc. . . Hmmm, redistribution of wealth is socialism.

    Do I detect hypocrisy here?

    At least we do agree on one subject – I also believe that all the fat cats should be in a high tax bracket and leave the middle and working class alone. How bout that – WE AGREE!
    Oh, and that small govt, with unfettered, unregulated capitalism (free market) – that is exactly what caused those greedy a**holes on Wall Street to make of with our tax money.

  29. Hey dickface,,Jie Scarborogh and DICKface Gergen are NOT repuvblicans. They are embarrassments and RINO's.

    I am FROM NYC , I have 'moved on up' and got out of that blue state. I now live in a red one..and LOVE IT.

    Confiscating the wealth is NOT what I was talking about when I wanted to take the wealth away from Gore, Clinton, Bush, Obama etc...THEY STOLE IT and therefore, we are taking it back you moron. Again, I have 2 explain things to a liberal like a 2 year old.

    I believe 'fat cats' should be in a lower or SAME brackett because that creates incentive and allows these people to expand and create jobs and that actually increases tax revenue you IDIOT. (Wow, you're pretty dumb when it comes to simple economics)

    I am against social security. I am in a pension system dope. Again, you ASSume and like the typical libb, you're wrong. Besides, if i took all my contributions to SS right now, i would have well over $100,000 in my bank account you jerkoff. Now , even if i was going to get social security, it's broke and won't be around 9 years from now- you dope.

    I'm not rude, Im honest...and because you disagree, you're all swole..(that means mad white boy) a MICK is an irish person...

    You talk about having a 'stupid' president and I am going to assume that you not only mean Bush, who had higher grades then Kerry did and did graduate from YAle...and he didn't hide and seal his records like the IDIOT president we have now, OBAMA did. His degree might be 'telepromoter reading.' It's all he seems to be good at next to lying to retards like you every day.

    He's also the 7th most corrupt politician..they were doing him a huge favor too, he should of been 1 or 2...

    Those greddy ASSHoles on Wall St. are in the pockets of Obama and the democrats!!! Wow, you are so clueless. Democrats received the most donations- get this- BY- Pharma, Wall Street, Corporations and AND...terrorist organizations!!!

    Are you keeping up here stupid one??? good...

    I love your gay talking point about Clinton leaving Bush a budget. haha!!! YEA!! Exactly..after his republican congress led by NEWT and his Conservative advisor Dick Morris knocking sense into him and then he closed military bases, including the one I was stationed at when he closed it, to save billions of dollars,,,,,what an economic scholar!!! YOU dope..

    By the way, I suggest you research Clintons dealings with sheiks from Saudi Arabia and the dirty money that bastard got for his library and his wife Hillary and compare that to Bush and the big oil scheme you nitwits made up in your head.

    I also believe you ARE a democrat. And I also don't blame you for denying it since you would look like a total jackass defending those crooked scumbags. But you cannot con this guy...I know you're a filthy stinkin libb...and that means you're a democrat...

  30. Anonymous----your intellect is guided by emotion, minus any rational thought. It is a fact that every time you post you are in a state of APOPTOSIS----I would normally say save your self intellectually but I am having to much fun reading your posts-----so please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please keep posting---this site usually deals with serious subjects with a flair for some good natured humor, but you provide for a secretion (hormone) that is activated everytime you post your cheerful humor. Keep them laugh's comming.

  31. Hello Nick, You said "I believe 'fat cats' should be in a lower or SAME brackett because that creates incentive and allows these people to expand and create jobs and that actually increases tax revenue you IDIOT. (Wow, you're pretty dumb when it comes to simple economics)"

    You are correct about this in theory; however, in reality it never seems to happen. The rich get richer and richer and it never seems to "trickle down."

    Russell G. - I'm glad you have had a few laughs. It's good for the soul. Your bud Nick there may be cerebral, and if so I salute him, but in my book a cerebral person does not constantly insult. I stumbled on this site and I really was interested in a civil discourse. I am always interested in finding out what makes people tick. I am a very laid back guy and I don't anger easily, but there comes a time when I do get tired of being constantly insulted. Hasta la vista, amigos.

  32. hey mr. anonymous. It DOES always work out that way. Did you know that the top 3% of earners in New York subsidize like 40% of the population in the entire city?!? Oh it works.

    And while you're being brainwashed about those evil oil companies, and their evil profits of 9% , why don't you turn your anger towrds the greed of politicians who piss away the 40% in tax revenue they get from these samle oil companies dickhead.

    The rich get richer NOT because of lazy people, you or the government, it's because they either work hard, make good decisions, take risks and other reasons...ALL socialism does is make everyone equally miserable. It brings everyone down. You can't have a functioning brain dude.

    Capitalism allows anyone to prosper..and it also makes wealthy people wealthier which creates more revenue for the tax eating lazy bums who choose to be in the position they do.

    I just can't believe how stupid you people are...

    Civil discourse? Are you serious? Trying to argue with a dumbass liberal is like trying to convince someone that Pittsburg won the superbowl last year while the liberal keeps claiming Arizona did, AND when you show them the tape of the game to prove it, they call it propaganda....Im people are that dumb..

    In honor of amnesty for illegal alien tax eaters and your corrupt, communist democratic party, let me be the first to say to you, 'adios tonto-ass!'