Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RUSH GOES OFF; 'No Need For A Third Party. The Republican Party Doesn't Have Marxist's. Voted Against Obamacare.' VIDEO

This might be a message to Glenn Beck, but we agree with Rush on this one. If it wasn't for Republicans, Cap and Trade and Universal Health Care would have been easily passed and Americans would be pretty much f****d....

At least the Republican party IS trying to repair their party and are trying to get rid of the RINO's and 'democrat lites.' They do have quite a few 'real' conservatives in their party working hard to stop disastrous policies by the Democrats who control the majority. They have people in the party that are good for America; Michele Bachmann, Jim Demint, Ron Paul, Peter King, Mike Pence to name a few.

The Democrats (Socialist Party) on the other hand, just keep getting worse and it seems the 'culture of corruption' has exploded in their party. They have turned into the party of tax cheats, hypocrites, radicals, liberals, socialists, Marxists and liars. They're deceiving the public on a daily basis with false information on every issue. They snub their noses at Republicans and any American citizen who disagrees with their runaway spending.

The only third party we could see would be the The 'Old Democrat Party' of JFK, because the party has been hijacked by incompetent, disgraceful, elitist, far-left lunatics like Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Barny Frank, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and Charlie Rangel. This is not a 'democratic' party anymore, it's a 'Socialist' party...


  1. Rush is absolutely correct. Let the Demonrats split THEIR vote and lose elections with a third party. Conservatives, our job is to TAKE BACK the Republican Party.

  2. Repubs only won elections when the masses were riding high on the tech bubble, then the housing bubble, and thought they were part of the upper echelon. Now that it's pretty clear that our economy has been permanently shredded by outsourcing and 'free trade,' all you have left as a voting bloc are the old and the ignorant. Good luck with that.

  3. He's a fine one to talk about party unity. Did he even verbally say that he supported John McCain for President during the General Election season?

  4. Mazzer must be a brainwashed college student..How did I guess! (Moron) Wait until you become a big boy and start forking over more than 1/3 of your paycheck to Nancy Pelosi and ACORN dickhead. Wait until the democrats RUIN the housing market and cause your house to decrease in value, Wait for the democrats to destoy health care because, well, 'we had to do something, so making it worse, cost more and shittier seemed like a good idea.'

    As for Rush, look-I voted for McCain because Palin was attached and I believe as much as I despise McCains political beliefs, I believe he is NOT a MARXIST and I Know for a FACT Obama is (he said it himself). I believe John McCain wasn't an economic genius but he would surround himself with people who would know as his judgement wouldn't be like Obama. McCain wouldn't have corrupt admitted socialist's and communist's like Van Jones, Carol Browner and radical creeps like Cass Sunstein. He wouldn't have 40 czars. He wouldn't stutter and lie about health care for illegals. He wouldn't try to use backdoor diversity czars to kill any opposition on talk radio etc..like Obama is doing with Mark Lloyd.

    Look, I can go on and on but I am obviously smarter than you and know whats good for EVERYONE in this country. I grew up in poverty, I went into the military at 17, I graducated college at 26 and worked about 40 jobs and now run a small business. I have a family and a home. I pay a shitload of taxes in New Jersey for my home. I pay around 10,000 a year. Another 16,000 in fed income tax alone. Then state income tax.

    When you college toilet bug liberals actually grow up and work for a living you WILL change your mind. Obama can promise you all the shit you want, you're not going to get it. You nerds can't even get a job under Obama. If you're white, you're an opressor, so don't look forward to getting in front of any lines for any programs, grants or civil service jobs either. (I love it) lol.

    You can believe your college radical professor sucker all you want about how evil Reagan was, when he wasn't. About how bad capitalism is, because it's the ONLY WAY...and the best way. It doesn't matter..you have been lied to...

    Without capitalism, I would still be collecting welfare checks living in that shitty building in Queens NY using my food stamps to go buy oodles of noodles for dinner.


    Liberals are the most destructive people on earth and have destroyed this country. Grow the **** up and get a pair. Power to the INDIVIDUAL....

    Government- GET THE **** OUT OF THE WAY.....