Wednesday, December 2, 2009

UNBELIEVABLE: Chris 'Tingly' Matthews Calls West Point the 'Enemy Camp' - What's Wrong With This Femwad?

Are you really surprised by this? Idiots like Matthews are always saying 'un-American' things like this and the liberals have the most pathetic excuses when they come to his (or her) defense. We're sure ALL the veterans out there appreciate Matthews calling West Point 'the enemy camp.' We're also sure that Chris Matthews wouldn't last a day in West Point; 'don't ask don't tell' or not...

Chris Matthews is still so in love with Barack Obama, that if every cadet doesn't stand up with a boner, get a thrill up their leg and slobber all over their sleeve at the sight of the President, Matthews would think they're a racist. It's just how moronic people like Chris Matthews are. Is Matthews jealous that MOST the troops loved George Bush and dislike Obama because they understand who Obama really is while the media seems so clueless and naive? Ummm, yeeaaaa....

Maybe Chrissy should start talking about the real enemy camp which seems to be the White House and Capitol Hill, which is occupied by a bunch of radical, incompetent anti-American's...


  1. this is the best site I have come across. funny as well. keep up the good work!

  2. America's West Point is the enemy camp only to America's enemies.

  3. I agree. Chris Matthews just blurted that out. He didn't think that through.

    I'm sure the CinC was treated well.

  4. i hate chris matthews. he must of got beat up a lot as a kid. now he's a left wing panzi.

  5. Matthews apologized last night.

  6. that just makes it soooo much sure it was so sincere, that he had a tingley feeling thrill up his leg. I'm also sure that you were one of the 750 morons in America who watch 'Softball With Christine Matthews and Guests Who Agree With Me and Obama.'

    Get a posted that comment as if you are really serious about it. The damage is already done. Liberals do not like our military as their academic pedigree isn't good enough for liberals who have philosophy degrees from Ivy League mental institutions. They look down at the military as people who are 'too stupid to go to college' not knowing that West Point in one of the best engineering schools in the country. They look down at blue-collar workers as well..It's why their have earned the titel 'elitist.' and 'mentally disturbed.'

    I don't know why you would want to be one of them.....



  8. Liberals----thanks to the exposure of Obama are a dying breed. Everyone of you liberal bastards is marked by your disregard for correctness and your lacking of any moral restraints. Go down, deep down with the sinking Obama Titanic. In 2010 there will be a permanent cessation of the liberal sickness that is bringing this country to the brink of ruination. The brain death of liberalism, the worst disease ever inflicted on our species, like vaudeville will meet its extinction in the public domain.

    To call our military the enemie is the true liberal heart---Matthews said the way you all feel----may your essence pass out of existence, die on the vine of politics.

  9. "Liberals----thanks to the exposure of Obama are a dying breed."

    See you at the polls, Russell. :-)

  10. "It's why their (sp) have earned the titel (sp) 'elitist.' and 'mentally disturbed.'"

    Seems to me you have a real inferiority complex, Paul. One simple, line, a small tidbit of news sets you off on a multi-paragraph rant. All I said was, he apologized. Probably good enough for any West Point Cadet or their family. They're grownups. They don't need to posture like a 10-year-old like you do.

    "Get a life." Boy that's original. How many different people are you on this board. Marcus? Brian? Seems like you all say the same thing.

    If there are only a few hundred people listening to Hardball, why do you care?

  11. Well, well, well....if it isn't the queer of the Idiots board, crying and whiming because he doesn't like anyones comments. What an asshole. First I'm a HS kid, then 2 other guys now I'm a 10 year old. Are you a professional guesser? You seem like a professional bitch. You must be a liberal.

    Did you ever think people just like to annoy the shit out of idiots like you? Go away..

  12. Paul---you are the MAN. You are a fact-loaded precepter---thank you.

    Anonymous---I have wondered in the past if you were a writer of comedies---an actor who plays comic roles---a professional entertainer---I do not wonder any more---after reading your posts I can only thank you for making me laugh---you afford me mirth and amusement in an eccentric way---please keep posting---and thanks again in advance for your future climactic humorous twists of practical jokes---some liberals are useful.

  13. So, now you have a problem with gays, too. I'm not. But if I were, what of it? Why should it matter to you?

    Are you Paul, Brian and Marcus? You all debate like 10-year-olds as far as I can see.

    Sorry you didn't get more education. No reason to insult people who put forth the time and effort.

  14. UM, yea, actually, I do have a problem with gays...your point? I love how you fuckface liberals think that I have to approve of the lifestyle where a man sticks his manhood, into where another man evacuates his bowels, while biting a pillow and 2 grown men with moutaches make out and tongue eachother (Picture it NOW).

    So I have to agree with that life style????

    Hey anonymous....FUC* YOU. OKAY?

    As for education, I love how you liberals can NEVER EVER win an argument yet you will use the 'education', how dumb is that?

    I have a degree and I'm a vet..Obama has a degree and he's an idiot. Palin went to school in Idaho and she's smarter and more accomplished than Obama. Ted Bundy was a brilliant law student. Reagan, our best President ever was a B actor..Kelly Ripa was a Camden Co. community college dropout...Bill Gates never went to college...YOUR POINT ASSHOLE?

    WHERE do you idiots come from?!?!?!?

    A little lesson for you dickhead-



    Now...go crawl under a rock you libbbbbb.

  15. "Palin went to school in Idaho and she's smarter and more accomplished than Obama."

    I don't know how much higher you can get in the political arena, than President of the United States. Seems quite an accomplishment to me.

    Still not quite clear why Sarah Palin quit before her term was up. Can you fill me in there, Paul?

  16. When a conservative responsibly resigns with notice and a replacement it's called QUITTING, but when a liberals does it, they're 'moving on to better things.' I guess you have never heard of Kathleen Sebilious, and about 10 other democrats in Obama's administration who left their positions for a White House position OR wait, for NOT paying their taxes! Oh Palin soooo Bad isn't she! Wow, you're a dumbass..

    So, Bush went to Yale and became president for 8 years moron, are you telling me that he's a genius? (He at least made it 8- Obama will be lucky to make it to 4)

    You realize you're losing this one right? You do look like an idiot against do know that right? Good....

    Liberals are very nasty mean people. What they did to Palin with the frivilous lawsuits was GROSS. Here's a woman raising a kid with down syndrome and liberals just want to make her life miserable. Of course she ran her state with an 80% approval rating and I bet you think Jon Corzine and Duval Patrick, both liberals with impressive degrees, who have a 30% or under approval rating in their bankrupt states....are just soo much smarter than Palin!Ummm..Il take Palin..

    I think what she's doing now is great and she seems to have done the right thing and you liberals are jealous and I love it.

    Now little fairy boy- you seem to avoid alot the facts..How is it that Obama is so smart when he;
    Thinks we have 57 states..
    Thinks he was a product of Selma
    Can't speak withoiut a telepromoter..

    I THOUGHT SO....

  17. here jerkoff..

    New Mexico Democratic Governor Bill Richardson, nominated for Commerce Department Secretary. He withdrew on January 4 after it emerged that he was the subject of a Grand Jury investigation for influence peddling, due to his awarding of a $1.5 million state contract to political contributors.

    Former South Dakota Democratic Senator Tom Daschle, nominated for Health and Human Services Secretary. He withdrew on February 3, admitting that he had failed to pay more than $100,000 in taxes on a car and driver provided by a friend and on consulting fees after he left the Senate.

    Nancy Killefer, former Assistant Secretary for Management and Chief Financial Officer of the Treasury Department during the Clinton administration, nominated for Deputy Director at the Office of Management and Budget and Chief Performance Officer. Obama said in announcing her nomination, "We can no longer afford to sustain the old ways when we know there are new and more efficient ways of getting the job done." Killefer withdrew on February 3 because of a lien against her home for failure to pay unemployment tax for household help. Ironic that she can afford household help - something most of us Americans can't - and then doesn't pay the taxes her party trumpets. Certainly not anyone you want in charge of managing the public's money.

    Hilda Solis, nominated for Labor Secretary, was confirmed on February 11 even though her husband had liens against his business going back 16 years. He paid the full $6,400 owed a day before her confirmation hearing. Wouldn't that be nice if the average American could pretend to have nothing to do with their spouse's finances?

    Only one with NO TAX problems.........New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg, Obama's second nomination for Commerce Department secretary. Apparently the only Republican nominated to a high-level position by Obama, he withdrew on February 11 because of philosophical differences with the Obama administration over its advocacy of a massive stimulus plan. Judd had once called for elimination of the Department of Commerce. Judd was one of very few Obama nominees who withdrew due to legitimate reasons.

    Timothy Geithner, nominated and confirmed on February 24 for Treasury Secretary. Geithner failed to pay $34,000 in self-employment taxes while he worked at the International Monetary Fund from 2001 to 2004. Yet he was still confirmed because Democrats said his position was too important to be left unfilled any longer.

    Kansas Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius was nominated on March 2 as Obama's second choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services. So far, no back tax problem has emerged, but she does have one of the most extreme partisan positions on abortion of any politician in the country; which may cause trouble with her confirmation.

    Former Obama campaign worker Susan Tierney, the leading candidate for Deputy Secretary of Energy, dropped out on March 3 without citing a reason. Is she afraid to cite back taxes?

    Jane Garvey, reportedly Obama's top choice for Deputy Secretary of Transportation, also dropped out on March 3, reportedly for financial reasons. Did those reasons include owing back taxes?

  18. here's some more jerkoff....

    Former Washington Democratic Governor Gary Locke. Nominated on March 5, for Secretary of Commerce after Bill Richardson and Judd Gregg withdrew. So far he appears to be sailing through to confirmation, but Frontpage Mag points out he was involved in Chinagate with former Clinton Commerce employee John Huang. Huang wrote a $1,000 check to Locke and co-sponsored fundraising events that netted $30,000 in 1996 alone.

    Annette Nazareth, who was to be nominated for Treasury Deputy Secretary, abruptly announced on March 5 she was stepping aside for "personal reasons."

    Caroline Atkinson, nominated for Undersecretary of International Affairs, withdrew on March 5 as well. Did these two prospects withdraw because of failure to pay back taxes? "Personal reasons" sounds like someone wants to spend more time with their family, or something along those lines. If that was the case, why didn't the candidates indicate so? Because of the long list of nominees who withdrew for tax problems, their withdrawals are forever tainted with a cloud of suspicion.

    Former Dallas Democratic Mayor Ron Kirk, nominated for Trade Representative, failed to pay $10,000 in back taxes for speaking fees over three years. He faced Senate questioning on March 9 over it, but is expected to win confirmation. $2,600 of the back taxes was due to deducting $17,382 worth of basketball tickets; he was unable to provide proof of business purposes for those tickets. Most Americans can't afford $17,382 in baseball tickets, much less have a business to deduct the cost from. Kirk also took overly large deductions for a used TV he gave to charity, and inflated accounting and tax preparation fees. He has agreed to pay $9,975 in back taxes from 2005-2007.

  19. I can go on and on dude. Id advise you to read some books...get a spine...and get lost...
    I just TKO'd you..

  20. "You realize you're losing this one right? "

    Why is that? -- because you're writing more, calling more names and being more vulgar? If that's what it means to win, OK, you win.

    What did you win?

    I still don't know why she quit. But don't bother, I'll look elsewhere.