Wednesday, December 23, 2009



Harry Reid is a dirty 'son of a bitch.' The term 'son of a bitch' is a form of profanity usually used to refer to a man who is nasty, rude or otherwise offensive. Harry Reid is just that and then some... He, like President Obama, want to 'spread the wealth.' Your wealth!

This is NOT a 'healthcare' bill, this is a 2000 page Marxism bill to control your life. Unbelievable..

Liberal democrat politicians like Reid and Pelosi are filthy stinking pigs who should rot in dirty jail cells for the damage they have done and continue to do to the United States of America. They took an oath and disgraced a nation..and they should pay for it...

Harry Reid playing Santa with your money..

We are approaching the eve of Christmas and maybe in that spirit, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid morphed into Santa Claus, giving out presents to the little boys and girls who were naughty and (not so) nice this year.

Of course, he was not using his own money.

America's overused credit card, issued by the Bank of China, may have to be used one more time to pay for Reid's deals. The majority leader traded to help ensure the votes of Sens. Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Chris Dodd, Bernie Sanders and others representing 11 states by giving them special perks for staying on the health care bus that's about to drive us all over the financial cliff.

They may argue they weren't bribed, but they certainly were rewarded. The price was enormous.

Many decades ago when I was getting my start in politics, one of my first mentors was the legendary Democratic speaker of the California Assembly, the late Jesse Unruh. READ MORE...

UPDATE- MERRY CHRISTMAS, THE HEALTH CARE BILL PASSES 60-39. It's a shame the democrats don't realize that about 60% of the American people are against it, so they really ruined their Christmas. We hope those people remember who voted yes for the bill come November 2010. To see what's in the bill, click here. Get ready to be outraged.


  1. im really getting sick of these dumbacrats ruining this nation. bribes, kickbacks, backroom deals, out of control spending, sneaky amendments, 2000 page bills, out of control spending, more damn government, broken promises, lies, tax cheats, this global warming crap, bullshit numbers from the CBO that are wrong!!

    I am going to donate money to whoever runs against my scumfuk senator who is voting for this bill. he ignores my calls and these college bimbo's give me talking points. I am becoming an activist, volunteer, going door to door and informing people about these dopes. harry reid makes me sick to my stomach!!

  2. Health care is not a right. I don't get where these democrats think health care is a right. It's not. It doesn't mean we 'let people die in the streets.' How can one person expect another to pay for their health care when they can't have a say over their behavior? How come I have to pay for the healthcare for a prostitute heroin user, a alcholic, a chain smoker, an overeater, a gay man having unprotected anal sex or a stuntman-skater or any other person with risky behavior? That's why it's totally unfair. These dumb people can't even run the housing-post office-amtrak-social security-cash for clunkers, medicaid the VA and now we are all screwed.

    OBAMA ONE BIG ASS MISTAKE FOR AMERICA - NOT because he created this disgusting bill, but because he IS GOING to sign it because OBAMA doesn't care what the people want. 60% of AMERICANS DONT WANT THIS BILL!!!!

    Can't wait til 2010.

  3. TEA PARTY 2010!!!

  4. americans are soo stupid. i thought obama was bad, how did americans elect harry reid and nancy pelosi. i listen to them and wonder how they got power. your country is going to sink. i am not planning on going to america, but my parents dreamed of it and now they are telling me how bad it is. obama is using the same tactics as hugo chavez. the same policies and language. the charm and charisma is the key. the media is a slave to obama. it's sad to see. it sucks here too.

  5. by the way, i notice your youth is very dumb and thery vote. they take cameras on street and ask questions. they seem to know other dumb people like celebrities but don't even recognize the people who affect their lives. they don't know biden, or other important people. how are they so dumb? it has to be the schools telling them wrong things

  6. I told the Salvation Army bell ringer lady that if she wanted money she should ask Obama. He already has all of my money, and my children's money, and my grandchildren's money and my.......

  7. Yup, our youth is dumb. They complain that politics is boring and they don't want to follow it. Instead they watch sports or play video games or dress up like ghey vampires. Then, they vote with no idea what they are voting for. This is by communist design. This is the fruit of propaganda warfare implemented by the KGB before and during the cold war.

  8. Most of the youth of our country has been dumbed down for at least 30 years. That is the communist plan-- Dumb down education and take over the idiot media. And push political correctness.The voter fraud has become so outrageous that I doubt we will ever have another honest election.The only way to fight is to use their tactics against them. Speak up without fear.