Thursday, December 24, 2009

Too Many Democrats in Washington

The Senate's votes this week on the pending government takeover of health care are highly instructive. With all 60 Democrats voting yes, and all 40 Republicans voting no, the simplistic homily that there is no difference between the parties has now proven to be a very costly fallacy.

This has been a persistent pattern all year. When campaigning for office in 2008, candidate Obama promised the American people a new era of post-partisanship, where he would bring Democrats and Republicans together to solve the nation's problems. There was nothing in Obama's ultraliberal background to suggest he would be remotely capable of this. Sure enough, since his election, this promise of post-partisanship has proven to be boob bait for the gullible.

President Obama's first initiative, the almost $1 trillion supposed "stimulus" bill, was passed on a virtual party-line vote, with almost all of the Democrats and almost none of the Republicans. Obama refused to make any significant concession to any Republican ideas for restoring economic growth. "I won the election," he told them in laughing their proposals down. But that is not what he told the voters to get their support. READ MORE...

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