Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Violent 'Left Wing' Climate Protests vs. Peaceful Tea Parties. YOU Decide...

Thank you Glenn Beck for making our job easier and for breaking things down so a 4 year old can understand. In other words, 'so a liberal in denial can understand.'

Did you ever notice that the liberals who insult people who attend Tea Parties, have never been to one? Just like most of the liberal 'sheep' who insult Rush, Beck, Savage and Hannity, never listened to any of them. Just like the Palin 'haters' who know nothing about Palin or her accomplishments, just listen to what progressive 'white liberal scum' have to say about her and they run with it.

Remember, liberals are 'sheep' who are very naive and weakminded who do not have the ability to think for themselves or research information on their own to find out facts and accurate information. It's really pathetic and hopefully soon, they will become a dying breed because EVERYTHING they do only contributes to the downfall of America.

The Tea Party movement is getting stronger and liberals HATE it, so it could only be a GOOD thing. Liberals are very jealous because their protests don't draw thousands of people and the people they do draw, usually have no clue what they're protesting. Just ask them!

The DC Tea Party crowd count was over one million people. So what did the liberals do? They went into 'attack mode' doing everything in their power to LIE and make it look like there wasn't a million people there, even breaking it down in race categories! How retarded is that?!? They didn't even consider the U.S population percentages when they did this because liberals are idiots. These liberals DIDN'T even attend the Tea Parties. We did, and there were whites, blacks, hispanics, seniors, vets, democrats, republicans, libertarians and kids. Who gives a shit whether there was more whites than blacks? The liberals did. It's how the 'race baiting' liberals think...

The 'million man march' didn't draw anywhere close to a million people. Do you think the cowardly 'white liberal scum' would go after their failed efforts at getting one million black men to attend? No way Jose! They shake in their boots at the sight of Minister Farrakhan, Reverend Jesse Jackson and Reverend Al Sharpton. You think they're going to confront them on their failed efforts? LOL Remember, liberals are 'self-loathing' spineless sissies and the liberal men sure as heck don't have any testicle fortitude. Just look at Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann...and Racheal Maddow. (The jury is still out on him/her..)

After years of NOT protesting, the conservatives get it right the first time and make an impact. Tea Party attendees know what they are there for. They're informed, civilized, knowledgeable, patriotic, intelligent and they WORK and pay their taxes. In other words, 'they are totally opposite of the Obama administration.'

Liberals could never pull off what the Tea Parties have. They might control the media, television and Hollywood, but they don't represent MOST Americans. When the media and politicians like Pelosi and Reid insult these peaceful protesters while ignoring their own violent ones, it just ticks off the average American and increases their numbers. So attention liberals, 'keep it up please!'


  1. You are on fire. That is so true about the left and kudos to Beck and yourself for pointing out just how nasty the left is. Wish more people could see this site and watch Beck every day.

  2. Home Run---this piece hit it out of the park-----------"this is hall of fame bound".

  3. By mid-year, 2010, the Tea Party movement flames out

    This morning a guy on C-Span from talked about how much he's spending buying up other URLs. Sounds like he's in it to turn a quick few bucks.

    Tea party chapters are undermining and undercutting each other from one end of the country to another. Republican operatives are stepping in. Grass Roots is turning into Astro-Turf.

    This from one of the more well known groups in Texas:

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  4. hahaha!!! yea right flamer. tea partys would only ebd in 2010 because the dems would be wiped out after elections and they would need to take a break until 2012 - unless that piece of garbage Obama gets impeached. he should if Ben Nelson had the balls to admit Obama threatened him with a base closing in Nebraska of a military base, the strategic command center! That's treason! **** Obama..and all you progessive liberal democrats.

    The Tea Party gets stronger every time you leftists mock them. Keep doing it.

    Finally, there's only ONE Tea Party movement we need to worry about.

    Don't forget - conservatives are smarter than libbs and are not naive or easily conned like dems. We know where to go and what to do.

    See you at the next tea party!

  5. yes, I almost forgot- great article! great point. bold and no sugar coating. brutal honesty and the truth.