Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WHEN LIBERALS ATTACK! Kerry fundraising letter: Defeat Sarah Palin and Tea Parties.

A new fundraising letter from Sen. John Kerry (D) of Massachusetts gives a strong hint about how Democrats may try to stir their base to action during the 2010 election season: scare them with the prospect of a Sarah Palin nation.

“Think GOP obstruction is bad now?” Senator Kerry asks in a fundraising letter sent out Tuesday morning by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “Just imagine what Washington would look like if a bunch of new senators – inspired by Sarah Palin and the tea party crowd – took over.”

In recent months, the political right has been energized by Ms. Palin, whose "Going Rogue" book tour has boosted her favorability rating, and by the Tea Party movement, which has channeled the anger of fiscal conservatives outraged by Obama administration spending. Together, they kindle the worst political fears among many liberals, summoning visions of gun-toting, Glenn Beck-watching, right-wing radicals. READ MORE...

Just GOOGLE "John Kerry Idiot" and you can learn a lot about this doofus ...

John Kerry Proves Once Again He’s an Idiot

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John Kerry Confirms He's an Idiot; Again

Silly John Kerry worried about online journalism, 70 million bloggers

What a sissy. John Kerry has never worked a real job or created one. He has never produced anything other than an entitlement program. He married a millionaire Teresa Heinz and became a worthless Senator. Another typical Yale graduate and lawyer in the Senate who is assisting the other elities just like him in destroying America as we know it.

This moron couldn't hold a candle to Palin or Beck...

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  1. Kerry looks like the talking tree in Lord of the Rings. A tree who betrayed our Vietnam vets by lying openly and often about their honor. Traitor. Doofus. Kerry.