Friday, December 11, 2009

WE'RE GOING TO KILL SOCIALISM: Bachmann On Team Obama: 'These People Are Not Connected To Reality'

It's why we love Bachmann. Of course liberals hate her because she kept her babies, she's married to the same man for many years, she's very smart, very accomplished, has common sense and rational thought, she's not corrupt, and she's attractive. You know liberals despise those qualities!

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) denounced the Obama administration yesterday, citing a lack of private-sector experience.

"These people are not connected to reality," Bachmann said on a conference call hosted by the Republican National Committee, the Minnesota Independent reports.

"We're going to kill socialism," Bachmann also said on the call, adding: "They can't have our country. We're not going to let them win."


  1. Palin/Bachmann 2012


    Bachmann/Palin 2012

  2. Michele Bachmann, you are one of the few bright lights in our Nation. Stay strong, stay true and THANK YOU for all you do!

  3. God I love her, Sarah Palin and that cute little conservative blond Representative from Tennessee. Right Wing women are hot! Right Wing women rock!

  4. Michele Bachmann is one of us, a true blue conservative and not bad to look at, to boot----


    It's okay to start loving Sarah Palin again. Because of the media's portrayal of her, many people became reticent to publicly stand by her.

    It's okay to start loving Sarah Palin again. She is going to be our "next president".
    She is conservative, patriotic, honest, wholesome and her inner core is as attractive as her outer appearance, as opposed to Obama, who is rotten to the core.

    The staff of this site would be well advised to start backing her big time----2010 will catapult her like a military missle launched from a aircraft carrier right at the heart of the corrupt Obama admisistration, toppling and overthrowing the liberal stronghold's that are presently strangling our personal liberties.

    Six months from now Obama will not only still be drowning in the polls like he is right now, but he will be declared dead in the political waters. Like a GIANT MAGNET Sarah Palin will attract all the patriotic Americans that are fed up with all the corrupt politicians and they will embrace her as one of their own and support her not unlike they did Ronald Reagan.

    Today December 12, I am publicly on record claiming Sarah Palin will be our next president.

  5. Really, for Democrats, Michele Bachmann is the gift that keeps on giving. She barely held on to her House seat last election, and she's poised to talk herself right out of contention, next year.

    No one wants her to shut up. Keep her face in the public as much as possible, please.

    But she is a smart dresser.

  6. Umm anonymous..Bachmann is the gift that keeps on pissing you pussy democrats off. She said democrats in congress were acting unamerican..and she was right..Chrissy hissy fit Matthews cried..and you progressive liberals SPENT HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars to DEFEAT HER and YOU LOST! You left that part out dickhead..and by the way, her approval rating is through the roof one year later,did you check that dickhead? Didn't think so...

    The gift that keeps on giving pay these people followed by the word idiot..okay libbtard?

    Barney Frank
    Chris Dodd
    Joe Biden
    Nancy Pelosi
    Harry Reid
    Barack Obama
    Dick Durbin
    Arlen Spector
    Steny Hoyey
    Henry Waxman
    Hillary Clinton
    Charlie Rangel
    Chuck Schumer
    Van Jones
    David Jennings
    Cass Sunstein
    Carol Browner
    should I continue dickface?

    thought so...

  7. Hey Nick, thats some list of crooks in the democratic orbit. I may have a solution for these scumbags.

    3 more banks failures take this years's tally to 133.
    Question---what to do with with all the failed bank executives?

    In China they execute failed/corrupt bank officials.
    If the corrupt politician's in this country faced a similar fate I would gladly donate bullets and a bit of labor.

    Now, if the corrupt politicians in this country were handled like the one's in China, my guess is that after a couple of these bums were executed the remaining crooks would in all likehood clean up their acts.

    Question---does anyone want to venture a guess what country has more corruption---America at present or China at present.

  8. Check out Rasmussen Reports-the daily presidents tracking poll for today, Dec. 13---Obama's
    sinking poll numbers have reached a new low---seems that even some liberals are deserting him---the only ones left supporting him are three quarters of the black people, who voted for his skin color instead of his qualifications and the pure bonafide IDIOTS.

    6 months from now he will have negative support even from the black people as enemployment among them will be catastrophe, leaving only the people effected with idiocy still left in his camp.

    At about this time a new poll will be created---it will be "the sorry poll". By that time it will be established that Obama by far is the worst president our nation ever had the misfortune of electing.

    Should we in good conscience create a libary to maintain for posterity all of Obama's accomplishments.
    I will start the list of his positive contributions, and search your heart and add to the list your own.

    1-Obama has an uncanny ability to read a teleprompter.


  9. Despite 2 years of media hype fawning over Comrade Obama, he now ranks somewhere between acne and colon cancer on his approval index---and is droping like a two ton stone---

    Remember back in the day, the Obamadites declared, that their Messiah would unite the planet as he was walking on water and eveyone would have a job while boosting the dollar----at this rate everyone who dosen't work for the government or the media will be united aganist this "tragic farce" of presidency before this year is over.

  10. Good posts Russell G !

  11. Thank you Yephora my friend. I can instinctively sense a strong characteric emanation that infuses and vitalizes people who cross their path. All people have an emotional atmosphere capable of being sensed. Some are positive and some are negative. Your's is positive Yephora, which make's it obligatory my friend to lift people's spitit, as you have lifted mine.

    All the information on this site is presented with an objective reality and an incessant disclosure of the faults and the crimes within the presidents sphere of influence and it's hurtful significance in the public arena.

    Of all the sites on the internet this site by far excell's over all the others. Some things are best left unsaid, but not when it comes to politics. Most site's won't go all the way exposing the truth about Obama and his cronies. I'm glad to say, that now it is starting to change, because it has become obvious even to the Obama's supporters what he is really all about. But they can't touch this site when it comes to the brutal truth and your proven revelation's about the disintegration of our liberties under the Obamadites. I appreciate all the efforts of this site's staff.