Saturday, December 12, 2009

If you want to get away with lying, cheating, stealing, sexually predatory behavior towards children, all you have to do is be a Progressive Democrat

Hat tip to Media Matters for providing us with four excellent examples to prove our point.

1) ACORN – A government sponsored political organizing group allegedly offers to help facilitate child prostitution. All caught on tape! Nothing to see here.

The reason the press isn’t’ writing about ACORN today is because there is not story to tell. [Media Matters]

2) Kenneth Gladney – A black man allegedly beaten by a group of SEIU thugs. All caught on tape! Nothing to see here.

…sometimes, people get into fights. They get into an argument, tempers flare, and blows are thrown. Fights are common, not a massive aberration that requires an extraordinary explanation. [Media Matters]

3) President Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” operates an organization which advocates for the dissemination of XXX rated reading materials to kids/teens, and holds conferences which have on more than one occasion discussed and distributed XXX rated materials to kids. Caught on tape. Nothing to see here.

But I also think that in the case of the Jennings ’story,’ it was blindingly obvious that the far-right hate brigade just didn’t have the goods. [Media Matters]

4) An extremely close ally of the Obama Administration, Bob Creamer, steals millions of dollars and does a stint in jail before working for the Obama Campaign, and is last seen attending the first State dinner of the Obama Administration. Convicted in a court of law. Nothing to see here. READ MORE...

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