Wednesday, January 27, 2010

132: The Number of Times Obama Refers to Himself in One Speech

'This is not about me?' Not only is Obama a compulsive liar, he's incompetent, corrupt, deceptive, ignorant and ARROGANT.


  1. Take away the hubris and what do you have?
    Arguably, inspiring intellectual talking points, read from 2 screens. Barrrrack's speeches are at their core merely excercises in self-gratification, the sum of his resume is a litany of self promotion with no performance reviews.
    An excercise in narcissism.

    Well, the show is over, the mask is off, and his act has fallen as flat as a raw egg on Mars.
    Tonight you will hear more I--me--my--mine- megalomania read form a teleprompter.

    To bad causes for impeachment do not include "utter incompetence"

    Prop bet from Las Vegas----over/under--how many times will Obama's head flip from one side to the other side as he's reading from the teleprompter---in a one hour speech my guess is 75---whats your's.

  2. Your a beast Russell G. A right wing beast.

    The teleprompters are props which our Messiah rarely uses for your information--
    Little Barry developed Turrets Syndrome as a child memorizing the Koran by candle light late into the night. Barrrack was so proud being born in Jakarta Indonesia reading the sacred book of the writings of Muhammad. He was a top student in elementry school and now he is our Messiah.
    Russell, you owe Barrrrak an apology for your blatent falsehoods.

  3. Everyone on this site owes our Messiah a BIG BIG apology. The drum beat of negative lies this site espouses is nauseating.

    The unemployed number of people not only losing their jobs and then going through their unemployment checks, and then dropping out of the labor force keeps getting progressively greater in number, but this site only focuses on the negative. What about all the jobs the Messiah has created as the number of people losing their jobs has risen steadily.

    Where is the balance on this site. How about stating something good about Barrrrak. This site makes me so frustrated.

  4. barack walks evolution of man chart.thats pretty cool. other than that. he's a loser. where can you get balance? he does nothing good. he's terrible

  5. Ellie--I guess you saw a picture of me, I am quite ugly-----but I'm sorry to tell you Ellie, I only want to hear 10 words uttered by Barrrrack tonight----

    (Effectivce immediately, I resign the presidency of the United States.)

  6. This site is going to love this headline when you come across this report--as reported on Weasel Zippers---Obama's new excuse---

    Report: (Thin skinned Obama says press is aganist me.)

    Incorrect Fraud, it's the American people that are aganist you, and a good portion of the media are finally crawling out of your ass, trying to shake the stink of Obama from them.

    Margaret Thatcher, and hopefully in the future Sarah Palin, would hang Bama's balls on that statue of him in Indonesia, unless they have already torn it down---

  7. Hey, Charles Barkley,
    I see your still scoring points like in your playing days----ever think about going into politics, o'h that's right you already did.

  8. After the Lenin clone speaks tonight, the whole country will witness a fraud undergoing a violent compression, collapsing inward from all the external pressure of being a SUPER FUC#KUP----the breaking down of Barrrrrack---this historic event, of a mickey mouse president self destructing, will not be pretty to watch, but it will give just a sliver of satisfaction to all the families he has harmed---in the end it will be the very media who will politically assassinate him for blindly providing him protection, instead of vetting him in the first place--

    Get out the popcorn and some refreshnents, the next few months will be pure entertainment, as the fraud implodes---

  9. Russell, your facts hinge on evidence, and your information about our Messiah is presented with objective reality, but what bugs me about you is your overt racism. If the Messiah was white, the media and The Messiah's detracters would all be saying, (give him a chance, he has only been president for one year>)

    Can't you see that the worst is yet to come, and Obama is doing everything in his power to expedite the damage, but if the country does not get behind him, what chance does the Messiah have to straighten out the mess. It's a hard job, and Obama through his sheer will, and magnification, is trying to make our nation, a third world country, because he believes that poor people need help.
    I despise you Russell for telling the truth.
    But it will do you no good, as more and more people learn the truth bout our Messiah.

  10. The best way to drive out a Marxist, if he will not yield to the voice of the people, is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn--
    (Etienne de la Boetie)

    No measuring devise ever invented would be huge enough to measure Obama's nose after his deceit tonight----

  11. The speech just ended-----VOMIT

    Yes we can--yes we can--yes we can--yes we can--yes we can--yes we can--yes we can--yes we can--

    I love his final crescendo---
    (What keeps me going is the gorgeous man in the mirror--God I love him---

    This trick is disintergrating right in front of our eyes. It couldn't happen to to a nicer Marxist.

  12. The assumed impersonal purposeless determiner of unaccountable happenings can decide an outcome by less then fortuitous or incalable contingency---it's the situation favoring some opportunity in the degree of likelihood of such an outcome---DAMN---this guy Obama peddles more bullshit then me---I just had to push the daisies aside to let you all know that---now its time to go back to sleep forever with that other red-TEDDY---

    Russell G.

  13. The scrubbed history and teleprompter speeches by this sock puppet begs the real question. Who is the Puppet Master???????

    Is it the Federal Reserve banksters, the Globalist Banking Masters, The Environmentalists, the invasion of illegal immigrants, the Sierra Club, the U.N. to name a few?????

    This Fraud is so transparent you can clearly see the deceit---by July his approval numbers will be between 39 and 41% approval----at this point he will become unhinged, and start blaming the media for his demise, as the Bush bashing will go on permanent vaction---and the media will expose everything that have hidden about their former false Messiah---grid yourself, it won't be pretty. The countdown to doom for the dirty little Markist begins-----

  14. Fact check: Our esteemed president said "let me be clear" about 42 times.
    I want all the democommies to proceed on passing the health care bill. I want all the lawmakers to quit thinking about themselves and your precious seats.

    Let me be clear Congressmen, it is your duty to sacrifice yourself for the crowing achievement. Anything less is just petty politics on your part.

    "Oh the pushback is going to be so sweet."

  15. "Ellie BlightThu Jan 28, 10:51:00 AM PST

    With a broken vulva, I am throwing in the towel.
    This site won't have me to kick around anymore.
    Uncontrollable tears rolled down my cheeks last night as I saw my Messiah in a (DOWNWARD DEATH SPIRAL.) I all hope that you realize that without our Messiah the economy will get better, and the unemployed will find jobs under his replacement. Don't you all get it, by trying to undermine American sorvereignty, it would make it easier to have a one world government where there would be an equal distributition of poverty. Our Messiah was doing his best, and you right wing bastards, you patriot lovers, impeded him at every turn---well I hope your all happy now that Obama has become insignificant, and he has become the punchline in lewd jokes, even on TV. I'm sure that you won't miss him, and that's sad.

    Ellie Blight

  16. Just to clear the air--
    I'm not in the pocket of the Muslim secret criminal society. While there was a time my clique of criminal laywers associated some traffic with this group, I under no circumstances received any money from them other then what they gave me under the table.

    Now that this is cleared up it's education time for you fools. I do nothing, let me repeat myself, I do nothing, without orders fom Obama, you get my drift. So if you feel compelled to tarnish my reputation at least get the facts straight---it was not my idea to lawyer up terrorists, although I was in full agreement with Obama, it always came down from the top to provide a soft landing for any captured terrorist that tried to kill Americans.

    I serve the American public with the best of my ability, to ease the grief, and to console all the failed Muslim plotters. Now cut me some slack.

  17. This just in from Bob Herbert of The New York Times---Obama's supersmart advisers are applying a wrench to lower the telepromters---it seems that the presidents chin is upturned to high, giving him the appearance that he is arrogant and a disdainfully proud Marxist---Mr. Herbert goes on to claim that no president has ever held his nose up so high in the air as Obama, but little did we realize it was a problem with the teleprompters----thanks Bob for clearing that up---