Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The 'Hideous' Anita Dunn Lies On CBS: GOP ‘Walked Away’ From Obama’s Outreach On Healthcare. Is That What Her 'Mentor' Mao Tse Tung Would Say?

Is this radical communist serious? The GOP has been shut out since day one! Most of the country knows this already. Perhaps she didn't get the memo on Obama's pathetic sinking approval ratings and the election results in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. This is the same idiot who praised mass murderer Mao in a speech. See video below if you think we're kidding...get ready to throw up...

WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH HER MOUTH? She's such a vile disgusting individual. Who appointed this 'communist loving' radical to the Obama administration?

Great job Obama! Another brilliant appointment!


  1. she's so ugly. she keeps swishing her nast mouth. yuck. why are all ugly women liberals. or vice versa?

  2. Isn't ol' lizard tongue gone already? I thought 0bommie gave her the boot months ago.