Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ADMINISTRATION OF LIARS: Obama's People Just Make Up Random Job Numbers That Aren't True. How Much Longer Will The 'Idiots' Take This?!?

Will the 'sheep' applaud? (Yaaaayyyy!!!!)

To all of the Obama suckers out there, applaud this FACT...

It cost the U.S TAXPAYER over $235,000 per job Obama CLAIMED to SAVE or CREATE. Just imagine if he revealed the REAL numbers and not the phony ones, the cost per job would be even higher..

In the VIDEO below, Obama lies again saying they created or saved (lol) 2 million jobs! The truth is that since Obama became President, we have lost about 3 million jobs while spending trillions to create them. WTF?!?

Not only is Obama a con artist, he's a terrible one. People who support Obama need to get a life. It's really pathetic to watch....

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