Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FAIR & BALANCED! Fox News Has Most Viewers On All Of Cable TV In Prime Time Last Week. Poll: FOX News Most Trusted. 'Hey Libbs, Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah'

Back in July, Fox News SVP Bill Shine told Mediaite the network had a new goal – not just be the best cable news network, but be the top cable network overall. “We have news events that pop up and you never know when that will happen,” said Shine. “It’s difficult but we’ll see if we can do it.”

For the first time since the 2008 Election, Fox News was #1 on all of cable last week.

FNC topped USA Network (the usual #1) in prime time, with FNC averaging 3,213,000 viewers last week and USA averaging 3,194,000. No other network came close. In cable news competition, CNN ranked 22nd (980,000) and MSNBC was 25th (761,000).

In total today, FNC finished 3rd. CNN was 19th and MSNBC 31st.

There were some major news events that contributed to FNC’s big win, with the Massachusetts election Tuesday night and Haiti coverage throughout the week. But the victory was notable – FNC hasn’t been #1 since the week of November 3, 2008, and it shows just how competitive the network can be when going head-to-head with non-news cable entities.

They won’t be able to sustain the #1 spot on a regular basis yet, but this puts them in the discussion. And that’s as impressive as it is surprising.

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Americans do not trust the major tv news operations in the country- except for Fox News.

Our newest survey looking at perceptions of ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, and NBC News finds Fox as the only one that more people say they trust than distrust. 49% say they trust it to 37% who do not.

CNN does next best at a 39/41 spread, followed by NBC at 35/44, CBS at 32/46, and ABC at 31/46.

Predictably there is a lot of political polarization in which outlets people trust. 74% of Republicans trust Fox News, but no more than 23% trust any of the other four sources. We already knew that conservatives don't trust the mainstream media but this data is a good prism into just how deep that distrust runs.

For Democrats the numbers are a complete opposite- a majority trust all of ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC while only 30% have faith in Fox News. Continuing the trend in our polling over the last few months that independents hate everything, a plurality of them distrust all five outlets we looked at.

NBC is the most popular choice among Democrats at a 62/17 spread. Although 'NBC News' was the entity named in the question it's possible respondents could have been lumping MSNBC in with it given the good numbers on the left. At a 17/69 spread CBS was the least popular with Republicans, perhaps indicating residual unhappiness from the Dan Rather days. CNN finished second among Democrats, Republicans, and independents suggesting that it may be the least polarizing of the major tv news operations.

These numbers suggest quite a shift in what Americans want from their news. A generation ago Walter Cronkite was the most trusted man in the country because of his neutrality. Now people trust Fox the most precisely because of its lack of neutrality. It says a lot about where journalism is headed.

Mentally disturbed liberals like Janeane Garafolo appearing as a regular guest on 'Countdown' is one reason no one trusts MSNBC.

Ignoring important stories until after FOX already reports them along with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton appearing on CNN to comment on 'manufactured' racism is a good reason CNN isn't to trustworthy. Some other reasons these networks can't be trusted is because they employ people like Chris Matthews, David Schuster, Susan Roegan, Contessa Brewer, Rachael Maddow, Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer and Joy Baher.

Liberals in the mainstream media have tainted and destroyed the title 'journalist' which is why no one trusts these clowns. On FOX news, even the liberals and moderate democrats are fair and tolerable. You won't find that on CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS or ABC.

Funny David Schuster VIDEO below...


  1. Excellent description of why netowrks other than FOX are not trusted. You have all the names and networks. I totally agree.

  2. funny video..lol....i hate schuster and garafalo