Friday, January 15, 2010

Brown tells Obama to stay out of Massachusetts: Gibbs says he's not going. Breaking: Obama may now be going. Bring in 'SuperFailure!'

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How does bringing in an incompetent TOTAL FAILURE and CORRUPT PRESIDENT in to her Senate race benefit Martha Coakley?!? You would think these people could win solely on their record, integrity, loyalty, honor and their intelligence. Apparently, Martha doesn't posses any of those qualities..

Call in...'SuperFailure!'(formerly 'SuperObama')

The man with a powerful 46% approval rating, and sinking weekly... Just imagine if 46% of Americans weren't so politically naive. His approval ratings would be in single digits IF all Americans knew what this President was really doing..BUT, Obama is coming anyway. As Obama says every single time he tries to scare Americans into another scam, 'there's too much at stake.'

Surging GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown yesterday warned President Obama to “stay away” from the Bay State during his roiling race against Democratic rival Martha Coakley and not to interfere with their intensifying battle in the campaign’s final days.

“He should stay away and let Martha and I discuss the issues one on one,” Brown said. “The machine is coming out of the woodwork to get her elected. They’re bringing in outsiders, and we don’t need them.”
Coakley’s campaign showed signs of panic as they scrambled to get a last-minute appearance by Obama to bolster their effort before Tuesday’s election.

Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs said yesterday that the president had no plans to visit Massachusetts, even though he realizes “there’s a lot at stake in the election.”

With Haiti crumbling, a war to fight, and ObamaCare negotiations hitting a high-pressure point, Barack Obama could only offer a two-minute snoozefest of a web ad in support of Martha Coakley. Now it looks as though Rahm Emanuel may be sounding the red alert at the White House and get Obama on the ground in Massachusetts.

Coakley is a nasty individual.

She refused to debate on TV unless it was exactly on her terms. She went days without venturing out in public. When she did appear, it was typically to accept endorsements from elected officials or union heads in front of supportive crowds. She may have gone the first month of the campaign without ever meeting an honest-to-goodness rank-and-file undecided resident.

NOTE- Who would of thought that the Mass voters can go down as 'heroes' by electing a good man over a nasty woman, a man who could stop the most disastrous bill Americans have ever seen? Rahm, Axelrod and Obama, the three biggest scumbags to walk this earth next to George Soros and Andy Stern, are so close to a major takeover of health care and the economy and now they see it slipping away. Fuel up Air Force One and pack the brass knuckles, here they come. Mass or bust!

A a nice positive ad by Brown as compared to the nasty dishonest attack ads by the liberal democrat Martha Coakley.


  1. what a perfect name. i guess 'super con artist' doesn't sound as good. obama was a failure before he ran, people just didnt care to know.

  2. I don't know what the Teabaggers think they're getting in this Brown fellow.

    a blogger quoted on fivethirtyeight writes

    "Brown is actually a liberal Republican who is to be found to the left of Dede Scozzafava! So why, then, the enthusiasm gap in support for the two? This post documents this assertion, and then answers this puzzle."

    If this site hates anyone more than people who don't agree with them politically, it's RINOs.

    "In 2002, he filled out a Votesmart survey on his policy positions in the context of running for the State Senate. Looking through the answers doesn’t reveal too much beyond that he is a pro-choice, anti-tax, pro-gun Republican. His interest group ratings are all over the map. Business and gun rights groups typically rate him very highly, labor and and environmental groups have rated him both middling and high over time. The teacher’s union rated him low in 2001, and high in 2005.


    "All in all, a very confusing assessment, and quite imprecise. So how do we compare Brown to other state legislators, or more generally to other politicians across the country?"

  3. !st..why do you call them teabaggers? FAGGOT

    Also..Maybe the 'Tea Party Patriots' are getting a non liberal IDIOT and a man who knows the health care bills is more corrupt than you are stupid.

    So, since you are a faggot, and tea bag your male lover for real, why call someone, like say your grandmother, who is probably a TP protestor, a 'teabagger?'

    If anyone calls me a tea bagger to my face, I will break their eye socket with a nice straight right hand. And being a liberal (sissy) I highly doubt you would try because I would kick your ass..

    Now, lets get to the teachers union..Oh boy! They don't like Brown? THATS GOOD!!!

    That's like saying that ACORN and the SEIU hate him you jackass...

    I believe even a liberal republican is far better than an incompetent elitist bitch liberal.

    Finally, I think the man has far more honor and served his country, unlike most whiny liberal bitches, and He DESTROYED her in the debate.
    STOP BEING SO JEALOUS, and get your head out of your faggot partners ass...

    I'm a pro-choice conservative. Whats wrong w.that dickface? You libbs are idiots. I am against tax paying funded abortions and partial birth.

    I am pro-gun....anti-tax..and anti- fucking-democrat.

    You are an idiot. This site is perfect for you.

  4. Surprised to see you're willing to throw away your principles for political expediency, Nick. A man who seems to have done what he had to do to ingratiate himself with union labor and environmentalists over the years is your guy. He's doing what he has to do to get elected in Massachusetts, just like Romney. They're all over the board. Sucking up to teabaggers next -- why not?

  5. Paulie From Las VegasSun Jan 17, 08:41:00 AM PST

    Faster than a speeding " green " car...more powerful than wind turbine... able to leap from accountability in a single bound...

    Look...up in the's a bird's a it's SUPER COMMIE !!!...yes it's SUPER COMMIE...strange visitor from another country, whose Liberal constituency believed he came to America withpowers far beyond those of mortal men...SUPER COMMIE...who can change the course of mighty corporations...bend Michael Steele in his bear hands...and who... disguised as Barack Hussein Obamakov, far left mannered President for a dying Democratic Party...fights a never ending battle for lies...injustice and the Soviet way !!!