Friday, January 15, 2010

THE MOST PATHETIC CAMPAIGN AD FOR MASS SENATE RACE. Teddy's Wife Copies Browns Statement. Then Uses it to Argue that it Really is Teddy’s Seat! Huh?

We will just assume that she did the driving or took public transportation while married to Ted Kennedy. What was she thinking anyway? Yuuuhhgggg....

One commenter at YouTube has a perfect response to this ad: “If it’s not the Kennedy seat, then why are you at all relevant to this equation, Vicki?” The people of Massachusetts largely agree, according to the Suffolk poll from last night. Her endorsement has hurt more than it helped, and this rather weak attempt to get a free ride on Brown’s declaration is going to look rather pathetic, if not flat-out dishonest. READ MORE...

Brown has a new ad out as well — one that hammers Coakley for holing up in DC with ObamaCare lobbyists rather than going out and talking to voters in Massachusetts:

At least Brown is speaking for himself and meeting voters. It seems that Martha Coakley also thinks of this as the Kennedy seat.

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  1. How pathetic these LIBS are! It's the peoples seat NO WAIT! It's the swimmers seat! What a bunch of loons!!!!