Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Corrupt Scumbag Harry Reid Squirms When Asked Question On Racist Statement. Reid: Eric Holder & Media Have My Back, Now Let's Pass Obamacare..

Yea, and because Harry Reid told Obama that he thought he could be elected President someday, that makes Harry Reid a non-racist, right? Harry also justified his statement as a non-racist by promoting 'decent decree,' which IS racism, towards whites. But hey, it gets black votes, which also doesn't make Harry a racist, right?

Hey, the Congressional Black Caucus of 'dummies' forgave Harry, so he can't be a racist right? He even worked on civil rights and stuff. Just ask him!

This moron has more excuses than Chris Matthews has 'Obamagasms.'

The reason we despise liberals so much is that they are the most hypocritical people you will ever come across. Most are very racist. 'Intellectual racism' we like to call it. They do it differently..that's all. (Except Harry Reid, who did it the traditional way)

Harry Reid's excuses are pathetic to watch, but not as pathetic as the democrats who are 'acting' like it's no big deal because they NEED Harry Reid to supply the loot.

His excuses are no different than the guy that says, 'Well, I don't really hate niggers, I am a big fan of the black guys on my football team. I really do like them and I root for them every Sunday.'

Give us a break!

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