Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Most Hated Male, Hideous Female and the Most Dishonest Political Discussion of 2009. Coakley Campaign Attacks Tea Party “Devil”

This clip is hands down one of the most dishonest discussions you will ever see, even on the 'National Barack Channel.' This is what should convince any rational human being that 'progressive liberalism' is a real mental disorder. Janeane and Keith are actually having a serious conversation about people they don't know and Tea Parties they have never attended, and they couldn't be more wrong about them.

For one, their numbers are way off. We know because unlike Janeane and Keith, we have been to several Tea Parties including D.C. There wasn't a bunch of 'white rednecks' holding offensive signs. That's a lie... Again, we were there. It was mostly white, as is our U.S population if these morons bothered to check, and there were blacks, Hispanics, Asians and others at every tea party we went to.

We didn't hear these two losers complaining that the 'Million Man March' was 'too black' and that they didn't even have 100,000 people there, did we? No, because liberals are too 'pus*y to say that for fear that they might be labeled 'racists' and that the 'big black man' might come and beat them up. (We would love to see that!) No, not Al Sharpton, he's a punk..,

So, why would a woman who cracks a mirror by just looking at it, and a failed sportscaster who often gets rejected by attractive women, be so angry at really nice patriotic, law abiding, tax paying Americans who are made up of mostly the middle class, senior citizens, veterans, kids etc..? That's really easy to answer. It's because they're threatened and they're angry miserable people. Just listen to them....such jealousy..

It's just a matter of time before these two join the over 20% of Americans who are currently looking for full time work. As for those 'racist redneck' tea baggers, well they must be responsible for creating the now 50% unemployment in the black community right?!?

"Don't worry Keith, pretty soon, even more blacks will be showing up at Tea Parties and your hands will be tied (unless you pull a CNN crop shot). For one, they will realize they have been conned by your socialist democratic party, they won't have a job, so they will have a pretty open schedule to attend and finally, they will be wanting to protest the same group of corrupt scumbag thieves you defend every day on your show."

Don't you just love how these two white self-loathing cowards have to suck up to other races as 'proof' they're not racist themselves? If they weren't racist in the first place, they wouldn't have to 'prove' they weren't racist, by insulting people of their own race who they don't even know! How dumb is that? The mind of an 'intellectual racist' liberal..

These two should date. They have so much in common. Their both ugly, misguided and share the same mental disorder. They both are out of touch with the average American, think blacks are too stupid to get ahead without an entitlement program, and both have low ratings in their television shows. Sounds like a marriage in the making between these two losers...they can even 'tea bag' each other.. (Yuck!)


Martha Coakley’s left-wing allies have been attacking and insulting tea party attendees and town hall participants for months. Now the Coakley campaign has jumped on the “teabagger” bandwagon. Her campaign just sent out a press release attacking Scott Brown for “embracing” support from tea party “radicals.” Here are some highlights from the Coakley campaign statement:

Will Republicans Sell Out To National Tea Party Movement Backfire At Home?
And If He’s Elected, Who Will He Owe?

“Scott Brown made a deal with the devil – and he should have held out for a better one…Brown’s embrace of radical tea party groups for funding coincides nicely with his willingness to accept the millions in television ads from shadowy out-of-state organizations with links to Karl Rove…”

You know what I really love about this screed attacking Scott Brown for getting support from out of state? It comes from the Democratic National Committee.

In Washington, DC.

Is Massachusetts going to take the title of 'dumbest voters' in the nation by electing this kook Coakley? We hope not..stay tuned...


  1. What about Coakley's shadowy links to Karl Marx?

  2. The GOP and many independents seldom even bothered to vote in the past, knowing that Kennedy was always a virtual shoe in----well----the party is over for the democommies----the GOP and the great majority of the independents feel for the first time in a generation that they have a choice this time, and their voices will be heard loud and clear next Tuesday---

    Acorn---will be the only problem---they must be monitered---

  3. Democommie's are vermin, that torment and devour anything that is held scared---these helminthiasis worms are at their base-- despicable vile people, who only lust for power and money, and the hell with anyone who gets in their way----they have intentionaly crippled our country, and lose no sleep at night seeing the wounds they have caused----

    This enemy in our mist must be annihilated, given my druthers it would be by extreme pain for all the physical, emotional discomfort and grief they have inflicted on the American people.

    Votes is one way to remove the cancer they are presently spreading through-out the country---"BUT" if Acorn and their allied storm troopers keep the enemies in their currant positions then its time for a fresh revolution that will make the guillotine look like it has a dull blade in comparison.

  4. Jimmy Carter gave us Ronald Reagan and the malevolent commie in the W. H. will give us our next president Sarah Palin.

    Glen Beck just finished an hour interview with our next president----Sarah is like a bar of ivory soap compared to the stain in the W. H.

    This site admires Sarah----but I sense that you underrate her because of the negative characterization the commie press saddled her with---Sarah has blown their deception of her to smithereens---this site will eventually, forcefully, and in conjoinment with the tea-party-patroits clasp arms.

    Late next Tuesday night the White House will be in a full panic mode as Brown is declared the winner even in spite of all the dead people's votes Acorn has conjured up----book it---as my new friend in Vegas Paulie will confirm--it's a good bet.

  5. It's becoming a Brown-out.

    For the mathematically challenged it's just over 2 to 1 independents in favor of Scott Brown.

    Obama has no intention of going to Massachusetts to campaign for Croaking, no I meant Coakley.

    The hoax in the White house is becoming politically toxic.

    Obama's honeymoon with America is officially over, and the majority of the American people want a quick divorce.

  6. Cokehead is just as dead politicially as the SWIMMER).

    It will be down right fascinating watching the demorats jumping off the sinking Obamatitanic.

    The commies all came out of the woodwork when their king commie was crowned president---little did they fear the average American---little did they realize that the majority of Americans hate communism---by-by-demorats.
    Its so sweet right now, that the American voters have political diabetes.

  7. The latest news on the hoax in the W. H.
    (Obama may go to Massachusetts.)

    Please, please, please, please, please, please, go------Obama's toxic coat-tails---just look how Corzine rode Obama's coat-tails.

    It does not matter who is taking the polls anymore---Obama is radioactive in each and everyone of them.

    Obama's big dilemma----
    (Do I hang back and watch Obama-disaster-care go down in flames, or do I campaign for Crocking, help her lose, and then watch Obama-scare go down in flames.
    tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock----

    Maybe Al Gore will go there----a Gore effect snowstorm might dampten the turnout---how about Biden, and last but not the least how about America's official warlock-Pelosi----

    Sorry, liberal-commie-scum---no more Rum and Coakley now.

  8. Obama to the rescue to save (hahahahaha) the floundering Croaking camPAIN.

    It's entertaining to witness the communists re-arranging the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic.

    Whey doesn't Obama donate the $1.4 million Nobel prize to Croakings camPAIN.

    Wow, I"m impressed, I mean oppressed---Barack the magic light skinned negro to the rescue---
    Maybe Obama can scurry up a few squirrels with the Acorns he has in his back-pocket.

    I hear Clinton will be in Boston, maybe Obama will serve him some coffee.

    I'm having to much fun witnessing the demise of the joker in the White House and all his clowns go down for the count, with such shameful defeat after defeat---and it is only going to get better, bearing witness to their total flame-out.

  9. I'm hedging my bet now on Scott Brown winning next Tuesday.

    I just heard the Rev. Al (Shakedown) Sharpton say on his radio show in New York, that to revive the Croakly camPAIN Teddy is going to drive Croakly to the polls in his Oldsmobile---

    Teddy it seems, is intent this time on saving a drowning female, to atone for the one he did not.

  10. This is getting personal----
    The latest updates from the Boston Globe----
    Teddy our founder was a catholic just like Nazi Piglosi---these sentiments will be sure to rouse the religious base for Croakly---
    It seems that the latest poll results were so negative for Croakly that the Globe decided not to show the results, but instead advised Croakly that when Obama shows up to sham on her behalf, tell him, you need a doorstop to save you from the precipice.