Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ellie Light: Obama Astroturfer? Is King 'Scumbag' Axelrod Behind This?

Someone appears to be doing a little Astroturfing for Obama.
In recent days, a letter defending Obama has appeared in dozens of newspapers throughout the country — all signed by an “Ellie Light.” In the letters, which all use identical language, Ms. Light explains that Obama never promised to fix all our problems quickly or painlessly. She declares:

Today, the president is being attacked as if he’d promised that our problems would wash off in the morning. He never did. It’s time for Americans to realize that governing is hard work, and that a president can’t just wave a magic wand and fix everything.

Editors all over the country found Light’s message strangely compelling. It was reprinted at The Politico; the Philadelphia Daily News; the San Francisco Examiner; the Washington Times; and a USA Today blog. In addition, the letter has appeared at literally dozens of small-town papers across the country, with names like the Los Banos Enterprise, the North Adams Transcript, and the Danbury News-Times. READ MORE...


  1. "Lie down with dogs, rise up with David Axelrod"
    William Shakespeare 1564-1616

    Ellie Light: Barrack Obama's silent Dogood

    Once this is traced back to the White house, it will become a HUGE embarrassment----it is beyond sad what the socialist press advances, in the hopes of putting humpty dumpty back together again

  2. Ellie Light = Elite? Just a thought. Elitist SOB's couldn't think of anything better or figure we're too stupid to figure it out.

  3. Joseph Gobbels would be proud of our president.
    One can only hope that the public continues to show their support for Obama this November by electing more Republicans.

    Russell G.

  4. I'm proud to say there are no new lies, they are all used up.

    We don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, that's why I"m proud of Obama who believes everybody is entitled to their opinion if you voted for him.

  5. The buck stops where?

    Our illustrious president has every right to be effusive about the dept of experience all his czar's possess---they will play a key role in making our government run in the most secure, open, honest, and efficient way possible--it's the politics of pay-to play--dancing with the czar's----there is no need for concern---the government organization operates from sheer chaos, a trademark of Obama's competency---by having so many czar's in the White house they'll constantly be buming into each other and sharing information, it's all good---and behind the scenes all the secretaries will be the mouthpices for the administration, making sure no one knows who really makes the policy decisions---Obama's czars have class, although they operate by different rules and ethics ---they are unchecked, and their spotty records could wreck major havoc on the economy, but Obama promised to keep them accountable---all hail Obama--

  6. "Ellie", I don't want to come off heavy, but you have made me see the "Light."

    I never see the big picture, it is a fault of mine, that I can't seem to grasp the whole grand systematic organized configuration design of "The Annointed One"---my, my, my, it took a woman of insight, who regales us with a sige mentality, stick with the Messiah, he has our best interest at heart---it's the unwashed masses that can't seem to grasp his true prominence of superiority---you, Ellie Light, have given me the forbearance, the courage, and the reception of data and knowledge of Obama's inherent attributes that the main stream media are not truely communicating to us---now, I'm seeing the big piture, its the media's fault, because they were in the pocket of that evil Bush---

    Thank you Ellie for making me see the Light.

  7. Ellie Light,
    Have you considered running for president in 2012. Ellie you have propelled me out of my nebulous state of mind. The unfair attacks of the media, including those ruffians at Fox have left me with ambiguous feelings about our Messiah. No more, thanks to you Ellie, you have pulled back the curtain on the main stream media, that constantly distort our Messiah's true intentions.

    Please keep the media honest, and the masses informed.
    Thank you

  8. The Arnold family address Ellie Light with expressions of kind wishes, courtesy and honor. Finally a powerful voice defending the honor of our president, not unlike the wrongful taking of the life of the late great General Benedict Arnold. The hostile contrarian's beating their war-drums once again are trying to assail our Messiah's ethical traits. The Arnold's have been prosperous traders during and since the American Revolution. Reticent, and inclined to be uncommunicative sinse the loss of our most famous ancestor. You, Ellie Light have given us the energy to set the record straight. We are with you in spirit Ellie in your great endeavor to unmask the intentional harm the main stream media has inflicted on our Messiah. May Obama one day be remembered in the same light as General Benedict Arnold.

    Love the Arnold's

  9. Ellie, you speak for millions upon millions of the silent majority in our country. It's disgraceful the way the hyena's twist and pervert unnaturally Obama's original communication's to the American people. Because of your stalwart defence of our president I am quite sure that the tide aganist him will turn. It's because of people like you that the truth will get out and set us free.

    The Weather Underground Organization--

  10. Ellie Light, I stand before you with a conflicted heart, I misjudged our Messiah, I only saw the suffering he has caused countless households across the 50 states. You Ellie have recruited my heart anew with your ardent defense of our president.

    You see Ellie, there is plenty of food---for the fat cat-unions, plenty of extra rations, while the people starve for work, and to add insult to injury Obama targets the wallets of the working people over and over again---but now I see the Light Ellie, thanks to you---you have changed my eyes lens from stark reality to a new inner jelly, and from now on I march in lock step with you Ellie Light---Thank you for remaking me.

  11. Russell'
    Don't you see the hypocrisy of the right, they hate Muslim's, and they won't be satisfied until they see our Messiah's birth certificate---what difference does it make if he was born in this country or not, as long as our Messiah is trying to heal all the carnage of the last eight years under that evil Bush. It makes no difference if our national security is weakened as long as we gain the respect once again of the Middle East. I have no malice towards the right, one day their racism aganist Obama will be relinquished and we will all live in a communistic harmony. Join me as we forge together towards this worthy goal.
    Yours truely Ellie

  12. With honor I graduated the Military Academy, and I am presently the political leader of Venezuela.
    Your country needs more Ellie Light's, who dares with her courage to speak out about the outrageous lies being disseminated by your American press.

    Now there may be some truth, a tad, about Obama's stunning rationale for his face saving window dressing when he speaks in front of his teleprompters, I myself can relate to these distortions.
    The unvarnished truth can be painful, and your commander and chief Obama puts on the mask of insincere concern for the welfare of the American people out of love for every citizen. Sometimes it can appear as liberal lunacy, but it takes cunning to battle on once the American people find out that their presidents moral compass is operating on empty.

    Even with all the problems Obama has inherited, has anyone ever seen or heard him complain, and he never will, because like me the people need him and he will always be there for them.

    Your country needs more Ellie Lights, getting out the word on who Obama really is.

  13. I disdain blogs that promulgate the truth about our beloved leader. This pip-squeak site can only smell the putrid gas of a bad diet emanating from a powehouse site like mine at MOVEOFF.Com. Sites like Idiots For Obama come and go, never registering even a blip on the historical scale. For all you sheep that visit this site, I am formally announcing that Ellie Light will be working for my site. My site for years, under my guidence, has advocated aganist fair play, and assisted and helped all left-leaning canidates who share our belief in raising taxes on the middle class, and recirculating it to the future socialists, the dead-beats, who are always overlooked because of the hard-working capitalistic greed and self interest for their families needs. Even people in jail, and generation after generation of welfare freeloaders need relief, and who better to furnish and redistribute the wealth then Obama.

    George Soros--join me at moveoff,com. We can turn green into RED together. Take the time to e-mail Ellie Light at my site.

  14. Your president keeps feeding us honey to lesson our sting, providing us with lawyers after our failed attempts to kill Americans. Obama bows in the Middle East showing us his stained underware. When you don't kill pirates there will be more of them robbing you, when you show mercy to us terrorists we double down on our desire to deprive you of life. "Ellie Light" is working in partership with the White House. All her preening for the feeble president makes us laugh while we plan to destroy you. Eric Holder is in secret correspondence with us. He assures us that your president is a Muslim sympathizer. The table is set, it will be a nightmare for all the Infidels. Don't you wish you had Bush back. He showed bark and we showed him respect. Now you have a president, that every time he smiles he show's no teeth. A tootless enforcer, and very ineffectual.

    Ellie it's only a matter of time before we put out your Light.

    Friday, October 2, 2009
    Anonymous DOJ Blogger Campaign Attacks Media and Critics
    The Department of Justice has hired a team of partisan Democrat campaign bloggers to work at the Department. The Muffled Oar has learned this decision was treated with a great deal of skepticism both inside the career ranks at the Department but also among some Obama loyalists who expressed concern that such a decision would lend itself to the growing appearance that the Holder Justice Department is more political than the Bush Justice Department was ever accused of being. Tracy Russo is one such blogger from the campaign of John Edwards. The unit is housed in the Office of Public Affairs.

  16. Rev Jeremiah WrightMon Jan 25, 09:09:00 PM PST

    Back in the day Ellie Light was nothing more then a neighborhood hoe. After mass, we lit this bitch up so many times that Ellie told me personally (Jeremiah you are the only one who does it Wright). Ellie ain't nothing.

    Let's get serious for a second. For 10 years I mentered Obama in racial racketeering, (Al Sharpton) style, and then one day it dawned on me that Obama was mentering me the second 10 years. This man in the White House is nobodies hillbilly. Once he had no more use for me, like others before me, he threw me under the bus.

    Here is a little preaching, payback style. This man can sell ice cubes to the devil. Obama's problem was he wanted the whole pie all at once, he got greedy, and now his grotesque false face is exposed. I told the sucker to slow down, he wouldn't listen. He started experimenting thoughtlessly and in retrospect ignorantley, believing in his heart that the country was ripe for a Marxist takeover. I still meditate on what could of been, what should of been, if Obama just did his Marxist agenda picemeal.

    I'll never forget the day after he became president, he told me Rev. by the time I leave the White House they will be calling it the people's house. Slow down sucker I told him, he just laughed and wouldn't listen, and now the fraud has been unmasked. Too bad. Ellie take it from me your wasting your time trying to boost this loser.

  17. Rev. Wright, "you lie." You knew when I was a teenager that I was constitutionally delicate, and slight, and you took advantage of me. You convinced me that the only way I was going to get to heaven was by the power of you penetrating me. Back then my insights into life were very limited and I trusted you and we had a love child, which by the way is the only positive thing about our sordid affair. Now our son Turnoff Light is a fine liberal. Oh' the stories I could tell the world about what went on with some of the parishioners in the frock room, how salacious, so you better stop talking about me in such a DIM LIGHT, and let's get on with our lives. We both want whats best for this country. A strong Marxist leader, who will forcibly crush any opposition, and glorify the nation over the individual. In Obama we have the Messiah enforcer more powerful then any crime syndicate. Without Obama the progressive revolutionary nirvana is apparently unattainable. Can't the American sheeple see that.
    Remain silent,
    Ellie Light
    Turnoff Light

  18. GiveMyHusbandA ChanceTue Jan 26, 11:03:00 AM PST

    Rome was not built in three days, my Chicago handbook posits that it took more then 3 weeks. Dosen't the American people realize what a dangerous landmine it is processing nomination's for my husbands czar's. It was our president who found a convenient way to circumvent the vetters problems by creating a handful of new posts through presidential execution of the laws that require no senate approval. To hell with any transparency. Now what's wrong with by passing public scrutiny and congressional accountability, when my husband is doing it for the good of the people.

    I am so frustrated with the main stream media for trying to induce discouragement in our president. The New york Times shoud be ashamed of itself for trying to make Barrack look ineffectual and trying to drum up distrust in a president who works non stop 36 hours a day trying to bring the private sector to its knees so that the people at the bottom of the ladder can become more dependent on the government. Oh' I'm so mad, I am starting to feel that this country does not deserve such a Messiah. But I will remain at his side, can I count on you remaining at his side also.