Saturday, January 23, 2010


At least Palin answered the questions honestly, unlike John Edwards. Bristol is looking pretty hot lately and while Levi's 'D' celebrity status has ended, he's probably kicking himself in the ass right about now. With Sarah Palin's popularity skyrocketing and the liberal media collapsing and a left-wing civil war going on, this has got to be sweet revenge for Sarah. Although we do disagree with Sarah Palin campaigning for John McCain, it isn't like it's an evil idea. She isn't doing the damage that Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the democrats are doing to this country.


  1. As Sarah Palins's biggest supporter I am on the same page as this site---the overwhelming consensuses of conservatives would have preferred Sarah distance herself from a progressive---but, I understand why Sarah is in McCain's camp for his upcoming election---

    It is a major strength to have unswering alligiance to whom fidelity is due, due to McCain introducing her to our country---showing loyalty in my eyes makes her more legitimate, as long as Sarah maintains an adherence to sincerity.

    In this new upcoming election cycle the American people will demand and expect integrity from their representives, and who has more regard for the standards of her proffesion then Sarah Palin.

    Show me---who has more trustworthiness and incorruptibility to such a high degree that Sarah is incapable of being false to herself and our trust in her.

    Do me a favor---imagine Hillary Clinton and the crown cancer in the White house for 10 seconds in your mind, then replace them with Sarah for 10 seconds------CASE CLOSED.

  2. Brilliant and powerful insight Russel. The left and the media would have a field day if she refused McCains request.

  3. Yeah, Sarah is better than most of the GOP. The thing with McCain is digusting though and she loses a lot of credibility in my eyes for that. She may have her reasons and it is a free coutry, but when she stumps for a guy who has so often opposed the Constitution I have to start thinking of her as a typical politician who will stab the people in the back when she thinks she can get away with it.

    And what about this National Tea Party Convention farce? She is going to be speaking there and the whole thing stinks of GOP infiltrators trying to take over the movement.

    If the article I read is to be believed, the founder of Tea Party Nation is involved in some sort of automotive safety device and is lobbying to have it MANDATED by the government.

    Does this seem a little inconsistent to anyone? A group that SHOULD be all about returning to freedom under the Constitution is founded by someone who thinks the government should MANDATE the use of a certain product? Use it, or else....remember that everything the government does can be distilled to a gun at the head of the people.

    It stinks, and Palin is starting to stink because of these associations.

    No more "nuance" and games! What we need is someone who will champion the Constitution and its principles with no apologies!

  4. Anonymous----between you and Obama, it's becoming a contest on who exaggerates more often, with your ludicrous distortions----but once again I give you props--with your attempt to revive burlesque----keep the comedy coming, this site appreciates the laughs---

    I salute you, and thank you for your kind words GENERALstars4

  5. Wrong guy, Russell. That guy is someone else. But he's not the only one who sees that Tea Party Nation in Nashville is not a convention, but a fundraiser.

  6. Please, point out the exaggerations and ludicrous distortions. Perhaps you are projecting.

    My main concern is that if we aren't careful, the next election will be another choice between a Republican crap sandwich and a Democrat double crap sandwich.

    The GOP needs its feet held to the fire. Just because the Democrats are worse, doesn't give the GOP a free pass.

    People voting on reason and principle rather than a cult of personality is the only way to save this country.

    Don't get me wrong, I would never vote Democrat, but the Republican choices have been hard to swallow lately.

  7. I don't know why we have to seek approval to have our comments run here. It doesn't seem like there's much that isn't tolerated. I've seen some of the most vulgar and abuse posts here of anything I've seen on the Internet.

    Perhaps the moderator could clarify his or her policy first and why hours, or days seem to pass before they are posted and second what sort of thing is not allowed.

  8. I haven't seen any vulger or abusive posts on this site. Perhaps because you are a scumbag loser, you disagree, and therefore you consider that vulger and abusive, which is why you are a complete idiot.

    I suggest that you visit the daily kos, media matters etc..if you want to see some nasty abusive vulger comments.

    Dont get mad that this site is 100% correct, facts, evidence and all poresent and you can't stand the fact that your loser party is a joke and that you are on the wrong side of the tracks.

    If you don't like the site, get off of here.

    I believe every site has to moderate comments becuase of libb scum like you. Some moron types in certain offensive words and all hell breaks loose. And you libbs are the types of people that intentionally do that kind of crap.

    Get a life loser.

  9. The problem with the handle Anonymous is that one never knows for sure which Anonymous they are talking to----this can be rectified, if you feel compelled to keep using that handle, then add a number to your Anonymous, it would sure make it a lot easier to seperate all the different anonymouses by your own unique number---make it simpler for everyone concerned--

    Yeah, Sarah is better then most of the GOP.
    Sorry----I had you mixed up with another Anonymous----
    Thank you for expressing your opinion----now that I have you sorted out I can comment to you directly---your second post in this thread we are both in simpatico---we are on the same wavelength----we both want whats best for our country--

    As for the other Anonymous---the one who is forced to endure, with a christ like martyrdom, the distress of shilling for that fraud in the White House----keep your jokes coming----it will help you with your suffering---their is never enough laughter in the world, and your climatic humor cracks me up----keep posting, your logic provides much needed mirth--

  10. Yes, Star is right that if there was no moderation the site would be lousy with libs trying to bugger it up. They would post all sorts of crazy crap and then point to it as "proof" that conservatives are nuts.

    I haven't seen the vulgarities and abuse that you claim to have seen. This place isn't exactly a hotbed for comments so they would be hard to miss if there were very many. But, I'm not going to call you names over it. Name calling is for kids and libs.

  11. The GOP needs its feet held to the fire---correct you are Anonymous---

    Newt Gingrich wants Republicians to "Get Clever" and work with Piglosi to pass Obamacare---
    This is a classic case of another demented politician who needs to go ASAP (if not sooner.)
    How do you work with someone who has kept you out of the negotiations?----this is strike 4 for Bozo----this from an idiot who jumpted on the global warming bandwagan--

    Newt has become a toxic moron who has dug such a deep hole for himself that he can plant his ass there---

    Weeding them out one at a time---does this please you Anonymous the comedian----

  12. Are you the moderator, Star or just another abusive poster?

  13. I'm the moderator of 'shutthefu*' be-atch.

    And I like name calling when people deserve it. you do...and you have a LOT of nerve talking about abusive and vulger comments on a 'right wing' site. The left wing blogs are offensive, rude, disgusting, dishonest, nasty and foul and far more abusive and vulger than your average do me a favor...go look in the mirror and say 'I am a retard' 100 times...loser.

  14. "The left wing blogs are offensive, rude, disgusting, dishonest, nasty and foul and far more abusive and vulger than your average website"

    Well, if this place is any indication, the pendulum swings just like politics.

    How about a change in the tone, Star? It can start with you. No one here is a filthy, stupid or all the other names you reeled off. What motivates you to do that?

    What's your motivation, Star?

  15. to annoy liberals like you. you are the enemy. you are the ones who have ruined this country beyond repair. if it was up to me, I would deport all of you liberals to europe, cuba, venezuela or the UK. One way ticket- thats whats up.
    Im glad its working.

  16. Well, Star you're powerless, as you have probably always have been. More reasonable people hold power.

  17. how am i powerless? i oversee 34 people at work. i have a good amount of power. i have managed to annoy you by typing while watching espn. thats power.

    you sound like a real wuss. i take it with all of the evidence of Obama being a total embarrassment, joke, fraud, liar, marxist, incompetent bum, you are a pretty angry and bitter person.

    I guess 'idiots' for Obama is a perfect site name for people like you. you can learn something by not commenting on here, but reading the hundreds of posts and realizing just how stupid you used to

    stop being a's really sad.